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    Depending upon their individual levels of humility and conscientiousness, congressmen to one degree or another do respond to concerns voiced in constituent mail. But on a letter-for-letter basis, communications from fellow politicians (especially allies) and from significant civic organizations in their districts carry greater weight.

    So here's a suggestion: everybody pick a town at which the DQ calls (or has called in recent years), identify the key people and groups, and urge THEM to contact local congressmen and senators on behalf of the DQ. I have been doing Marietta, as my wife and I plan to retire there in a couple of years, and I know a few local folk. On my letter-or-phone-call list are the mayor, two historically-minded city council members, the director of the tourist & convention bureau, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, the curator of the River Museum, and board members of ReStore Marietta (the historic district retailers' association).

    In my comments to them, I emphasize jobs and economic benefits: passengers spend money when the DQ calls at Marietta, and many of them are impressed with the town and drive back some year later and spend more money. The AQ and MQ are bigger, but they won't make up for the lost DQ passenger count.

    There are what, some 40 towns at which the DQ has called in the past 3 years? So everyone pick a town with which you have some familiarity, and go after their influentials. And let the rest of us know what your pick is --double or triple coverage of a town is fine (especially the bigger ones), but we don't want to leave a town uncovered.

    Is that a plan?
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