Yes, that was said with tongue planted firmly in cheek, but the downward free fall of their stock continued today on Wall Street. By the time that the closing bell sounded the value of Ambasadors International stock had fallen 5.4%. The $22.96 closing price puts the stock at a new fifty two week low.

Even though the company was founded by the Ueberroths, with financial institutions owning the bulk of stock, maybe wiz kid Joseph Ueberroth needs to start worrying about his position too. Yahoo Financial reports that 53% of common stock is held by institutional investors. The primary holder is MLF Investments with over 2 million shares. I'm sure MLF and the other investors are putting some pressure on AMIE's board to increase values. Indeed, there is speculation amongst investors that post on the Yahoo Finance's message boards that AMIE is using MAL's cruise deposit funds to finance the board authorized buyback of its own stock. If that's the case, things do not bode well, for Ambassadors International and its holdings, and a day of reckoning must come. Saving the DELTA QUEEN is the least of its problems. Infact, Ambassadors International and MAL should thank us for picking up the torch of saving the DELTA QUEEN when they so miserably failed.