While I know our interest here is in keeping the DQ in operation, we have to realise that it won't be MAL who is likely to do it. I, for one, would like to know more about the alternate idea to preserve the boat.

There's an article in the Aug 29th edition of the Stockton, CA newspaper that has some quotes from MAL's Ann Marie Richard that sheds a little more light about the DQ's future (from their perspective).

First, they continue the spin that "Congress has decided that the DQ should not continue...beyond 2008". We all know that's not really true because Congress hasn't had a chance to decide the issue with the waiver being denied their vote by Rep. Oberstar and Sen. Inouye. It is these two individuals who have "decided" this, not all of Congress.

Second, the article states, "A company exec predicted the Queen might be sold to an overseas entrepreneur "or become a floating hotel and museum."

She then says, "Cities from throughout the world, but especially from the American heartland and Deep South, have expressed interest in the Queen".

So, questions arise as to what cities in the world and America are inquiring about acquiring the boat? I think we can assume that MAL is looking for a sale here, not a donation of the boat. Does anyone have a connection at MAL to find out just who has expressed interest in the boat other than a reporter from Stockton, CA?

The idea of her going to an "overseas entrepreneur" is repulsive to me. I believe we ought to urge MAL to reject that option.

And frankly, the boat should also not go to Stockton. They let the Delta King almost go to ruin and then lost it to the Sacramento owners so why would they do any better with the DQ? The DQ is a different boat today from it's days in California and it has run in Mid-America for 48+ years while it only ran in California for 14 years. The majority of her history is on the Miss. and Ohio river systems.

The article is here: http://www.recordnet.com/apps/pbcs.d...0803/708290314