Good Brucie story Jim. Surely there are many more that our readers are just beside themselves with mirth just thinking about another of Bruce Edgington's antics. Doesn't have to have happened on the DELTA QUEEN, either. Who knows of one that took place while he was still with the USCE? Cap'n Harry Louden was fond of spilling the beans on Bruce concerning something that happen back on the ole "SI'OTEY", or another of the Engineer's boats. For those who did not have the pleasure of knowing Mr. Edgington, he was a beloved character and an exquisite riverman deluxe. So, to recollect some of his doings is also a way to honor him as a one of those departed steamboatmen worth remembering. In old Egypt, it was carved upon Pharaoh’s tomb, "Whenever a departed person's name is spoken, he (she) is not truly dead.” That said, a Brucie tidbit of wit:

Back during the "Save the DELTA QUEEN Days", Bruce was sitting on the lazy bench in the pilothouse where an especially inquisitive reporter from a widely-read magazine had a microphone, attached to reel-to-reel tape recorder, shoved into the frail, bent, old fellow's whiskered face. Bruce was telling all sorts of steamboat tales complete with exact details of boats, folks, times, places, and dates.

Finally the reporter, thinking that Brucie was just another funny old man with a fertile, but perhaps make-believe imagination, took the microphone back to her own lips, and questioned in a mocking tone:

"How in the world, Mr. Edgington, do you remember all that?"

As the mike has thrust back into his face, Bruce shot back:

"Because, lady… I LIVED IT!"