In the conference call for the report about the second quarter's financial results of Ambassadors International, Majestic America Line President David Giersdorf and Ambassadors International President Joseph Ueberroth today gave some official information about the Delta Queen.

Mr. Ueberroth described what they did to achieve the exemption for die DQ. Eventually it seams that the main problem is Representative James Oberstar, Chairman of the Transportation and infrastructure Committee of the House of Representatives, and the Seafarers International Union (SIU).

Ueberroth: "Oberstar strongly opposed the extension under any circumstances and would not allow the legislation to be considered". (...) "He adamantly believes that Congress should not be in the business of granting exemptions." (...) "The fact that the SIU opposes the legislation has not helped our task." (...) "Senator Inouye, chairman of the Commerce Committee, has made it clear that with SIU opposition the extension would not be considered by the Senate." (...) "All parties have communicated that this issue is 'dead', unless there is a change of position by the chairmen of these committees."