Here's an email I sent to Paul Harvey today (8/8/07):

Dear Mr. Harvey:

I have heard that you have a love of the steamboat Delta Queen and that your wife christened the American Queen so I hope you will join many of us loyal passengers in helping to save the old gal once again. Her time is running out in 2008!

As you know, the DQ is a classic and is the last real old time overnight steamboat running on America. Throughout her 80 years of operation, she has carried many thousands of passengers, lent herself to the Navy in WWII, and has become an icon of America's steamboating history. She has carried a President of the US, two First ladies, a Supreme Court judge, and many celebrities. They call her "Legendary" and that's just what she is with many legends of her own. She's on the National Register of Historic Places and rightfully so.

Since 1970, when congress and President Nixon exempted her from the Safety at Sea Act requirement for non-fire retardent construction materials, she's run under waivers that a renewed every six years. Her problem was her beautiful wood superstructure which the law specifically outlawed. Even so, she has an impeccable safety record which continues today. She never runs outsight of land and can beached easily if an emergency arises. This is not an ocean going vessel which the law was written to govern.

But her current operator and owner, Majestic America Line (owned by Ambassadors International), has given up the fight for an exemption to the Safety at Sea Act and has announced that 2008 will be her last year to cruise.

Well Mr. Harvey, there are a lot Delta Queen lovers who are attempting to get her another waiver. But the effort needs help, especially in getting congress to understand and grant the needed waiver and to let her many passenger know that an effort tosave her is under way. So, I hope you will assist the effort by mentioning it in your radio program. If you're so inclined, we'd love to have you join us.

I have no affiliation with Majestic America Line and am not a paid lobbyist. I'm just an interested DQ passenger who has joined this grass roots effort to save the lengendary Delata Queen.

You can find much more information on this web site:

Thanks so much for your consideration.

Jim Herron