For example: Some years back I was a volunteer sailor on the Barque Elissa in Galveston. She is a restored sailing vessel built in 1877. The resoration was authentic, although she now has an engine and other modern devices. But she is a long way from being a Coast Guard approved passenger vessel, although there is Coast Guard involvement. I am trying to find out what her status is with the Coast Guard today. She is sailed by volunteers and invited guests are aboard, but she is not "for hire". An admission is charged to tour her at the dock, where she resides most of the year. She is funded through the Galveston Historical Society which solicites donations and is non-profit. This has been working well to keep operational a 19th century vessel since the 1980's. When the project was first proposed, there was a lot of eyeball rolling, and it was an expensive restoration that could have ground to a halt many times. I think being close to a BIG city (Houston) with lots of type A's looking for adventure has been the Elissa's ace in the hole. (Almost anyone living in Houston thirsts for adventure.)