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    Here is Moorman's Formula to approximate register tonnage under any proposed dimensions: Let L = length on upper deck [of hull] from plank at bow to plank at stern. Let B = inside main breadth from ceiling to ceiling [side lining to side lining]. Let D = inside depth from upper deck to ceiling [planking on top of beams] at timber strake. Then the register tonnage of any ship will be equal to L x B x D/100 multiplied by the factor opposite the class in the table below. Sailing ships: cotton and sugar ships, old form, 0.8. Ships of present form [1879], 0.7. Steam vessels and clippers, 0.65. Ships of three decks, 0.68. Yachts, vessels above 60 tons, 0.5. Vessels, small, 0.45. This is accurate to within 2.5%
    My comment: this is as close as any other guess.
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