All, one in the same, this steam driven, coal fired paddlewheeler was built in1916 at the Howard Boat Yard in Indiana for the Mayo Bros of Rochester, Mn, & named the Minnesota then sold in 1922 to the Upper Mississippi U. S. engineering Dept & re-named the "General Allen". the boat was retired from government service in the 1940-41 time era at the corps Boat Yard at Ft City, Wisc & then sold to a firm or indivdual from St Louis & renamed the "Cotton blossom". I am interested in history, pictures, articles & whatever from 1941-1978 when a local newspaper said it sank due to "mysterious circumstances"???. Would like to know what the boat was being used for at that time?. Boat originally had two structures on the top deck & the pilot house had a large, gold painted eagle on top, very distinctive. Any information appreciated.