You know that I'm not a friend of speculation, especially when it's about the future of the Delta Queen. But within the last few days I've seen some facts here that, in combination, raised my attention:

- the DQ's low pressure cylinder obviously needs to be replaced, soon (I assume this is a rather expensive venture)

- parts probably needed for repairs on the Delta Queen are given away

- it's said that the company will be renamed (i.e. it probably will not have "Delta Queen" in its name anymore)

- the exemption for the Delta Queen from the Congress is running out in 2008 (see Bruce Nierenberg's posting from January 7)

If anyone from the new owners read this, can you please let us know what this all means? Just some random facts with no connection to each other at all? Or is it what I assume from all this - giving up the DQ as overnight cruise boat in the near future?