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    Default DQ Parts purchased because of Master Cylinder

    I have been reading a book, "LONG LIVE THE DELTA QUEEN" by Letha C. Greene. I was reading about all of the trials and tribulations Mrs. Green went through, after her beloved husband Captain Tom Greene passed away. She was not only a widow and mother of four, but became the President of Green Line Steamers, and inherited a world of worries and troubles with her experiences to keep the Queen alive. A Master Cylinder taken from the King in the fifties, and flown to Louisville is the reason the DK engines were purchased as spare parts for the Queen.

    I first met her in 1957 when the lightening struck the River draw bridge in Bridgeport, AL . The boat docked here and sent the passenger's via bus to Chattanooga. I was just a young man.

    The next year, the Queen docked at Hales Bar, because she could not get into the Lock Chamber, and again I met and talked with Mrs. Greene.
    Later that fall, I received a letter from Greene Line Steamers, offering me a job in the Purser's office, which I quickly accepted.

    Had it not have been for Mrs. Greene, the Delta Queene would have been long gone many years ago. Through her perserverance, the DQ has stayed active, and still operable 50 years later. I think these people who now own the DQ, the MQ and AQ, should remember Mrs. Greene, and if they ever build a new boat, it should definitely be named the LETHA C. GREENE.

    When Dick Simonton and E.J. Quinby came on board as owners, both made numerous trips to Washington, to lobby to keep the DQ afloat. It will be a shame, to see this majestic boat disappear from the rivers of America. There are no more E.J. Quinby's, Dick Simonton's or Letha C. Greenes to argue the importance of keeping the Delta Queen alive.
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