Steamboating colleagues,
The January 15, 2015 issue of SHIPS IN SCALE arrived today. Lo' and behold, from Pgs. 28 -35 a fine article by S&D's Board of Governor member and model builder, John Fryant. John's fine article with photos, text titled 'ON THE WATER: Modeling function as well as form' complete with photos, cut-aways of his steamboat CHICOT [Howard built, 1925 along with her sister TALLULAH]. CHICOT named after either the state park or location on the Mississippi River called "Chicot Point." And to prove it, there's the CHICOT listed in Howard's archival listing with (s) for steel etc. Apparently the year 1925 shows Howard with some 15 projects on the table and out on the ways with CHICOT being one.

John, true to his skills/talents, begins with in-depth archival and photo research before cutting even one piece of wood. Photos from as many angles as John can find as he 'ciphers' out the scale. No doubt all of this found in the Howard Museum archives either in Jeffersonville or now at Indiana University. John pictures "hull shaping, model's powerplant, 2nd deck and incredibly detailed pilothouse with her wheel."

John's finished product launched in a nearby pond or lake, startles the eye with smoke coming from the CHICOT stack, wheel rolling in the bright sun. One would think these photos of the real boat back then taken from a high landing or bridge. I don't know how John does it--but do it he does. I have no patience, skill, clear eyes, steady hand to produce scale models like his. Great work John. A lot of 'stuff' comes in by mail, E=Mail, letter, phone calls. Now, John, when are you going to do a model of the BIG double-cabin sidewheeler CINCINNATI of 1924 owned by the L&C LINE?

R. Dale Flick
Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati