Hi Keith,
While the generosity and commitment of the Howard Museum cannot be questioned, it troubles me that the DQSCO would knowingly give away equipment which is needed now to ensure the continued operation of the DQ.
I refer specifically to the low pressure(port side) cylinder. The original is in an extremely worn condition, the internal bore is both egg and bananna shaped. I gained this knowledge over three years ago and has recently been confirmed. The replacement IS from the Delta King and IS currently in the company's possession. Judy reminds us that the DQ now operates with a number of vital DK parts such as the high pressure cylinder and piston and the wheel shaft and cranks. Had the Stockton CA. shipyard that removed the DK machinery sold or scrapped it in '47 we would not have the DQ sailing today. I'm glad that the Howard Museum would gladly return any parts to ensure that steamboating is kept alive. It would remain, however, for the company to avail itself of the museum's generosity. Would they? I don't know.