Dear Steamboating colleagues:
Applause to Shipyard and Franz for posting this interesting deck view of the Str. QUEEN CITY with her classic roof bell, pilothouse and the fashionable group posing for the 'pitcher man.' See Fred Way's 'big blow' on the QC in WAY'S DIRECTORY Entry No. 4615. Fred was bewitched with the QC from the first time he laid eyes on her to her final end, 1933. Rather spooky seeing the roof bell here dating to the Anchor Line's CITY OF ST. LOUIS later serving on the MILDRED, OUICHITA, JOHN W. HUBBARD and, finally, the DELTA QUEEN. Think how many photographs of travelers have been made posing by that incredible bell. Fed Way wrote about "catering to a rather high-class patronage." The group in this photo are all dressed according to the day when people spiffed up for boat trips, railways etc. We can only wonder who they are and who is related to whom. Everybody wearing stylish hats with the gentleman sporting a boiled white shirt and bow tie. Wonder what they wee having for lunch that day now so long ago? Her whistle appearing over the gentleman's hat was mounted away from the starboard side of the pilothouse. That same whistle was blown again and again this past September, 2005, at Marietta with steam provided aboard the barge by Nelson Jones.

The date? Unless Shipyard's photo is marked on the back it would be a good guess. I'd feebly opine on/around 1910 + or -. Another question, considering Pilot Tony Meldahl (father of S&D's long-time member Louise Meldal-Carley) "never missed a trip on her for ten years," has us wondering who that is standing behind her wheel in this picture. She's rolling smoke and Fred Way indicates "she consumed 3,200 bushels of run-a-mine a week."
Yes, I would have liked to have tripped on the QUEEN CITY just once. The photo mural, cabin door with the gold QC emblem, and furnishings on view at the Ohio River Museum, Marietta, give a good indication as to the splendor of her main cabin.

Cheers & thanks,
R. Dale Flick