HI all,
New here, hope I chose the right forum. After 36 years of wanting to go on the Delta Queen, we just booked the March17 trip!! Being a piano tuner, and a pipe organ enthusiast/technician i can play a LITTLE piano. I have enough time to practice & learn one piece to play on the calliope & I'd like to do a decent job of it. Soo . . , some questions about the DQ's keyboard and calliope playing techniques. 1) are there sharps & flats, or just the white keys; 2) how many notes, and what key to what key; 3) does one play multiple notes at a time, or just singles (ie, can I play a chord, or just parts of a chord, or just one note?) Any other special "tricks"? I figure I can practice using my church's pipe organ (since I'm rebuilding it, I have access), which should give me a similar keytouch feel; as well as notes without sustain.
Thanks much! If this is the wrong place to ask, please advise me of the correct place!
David Dewey