Wasn't Debbie the one who tapped you with the nickname "Steamboat Willie"? "Fish" was a steamboat nut in action; she was Spartan in her use of words. Instead of talking a lot, she did a lot. In the two years I worked with her on the str. MISSISSIPPI QUEEN, I got to be her friend. We went ashore together twice that I recall: once on a long walk from Dubuque across the bridge to Illinois and back. With those long legs, she could walk fast and I had to save my breath just to keep up with her. Another time, Debbie and I cruised on the str. NATCHEZ, laughing in the sunshine. She was a fine steamboater and a fine friend. Debbie Fischbeck is the only friend who came to see me when I was laid up in the VA Hospital in NOLA.

Is it just a coincidence that I am planning to go to sea on cargo ships, just as Fish did when she finished her steamboating days?

Captain Don, please post the photo of Fish and me on the swing of the MQ.

Flatboat Bela