Hi All, Took me a while to figure out how to get into the new and improved site. They tease me at work about being technically challenged. It's no joke, I really am!

I assume many of you posters and lurkers have seen the "new policy" for 2007 and the elimination of all but a very few discounts. It does appear that the new company thinks they have purchased a company that ONLY attracts the "affluent" traveler. Granted they have rearranged the cabin category, but again that benefits the higher end traveler and not most of "cargo/deck" passengers. I think what amazed me most was no forwarning at all to give anyone thinking they might book the chance to do so before all discounts were discontinued. Lucky for me I have never been a risk taker, so I booked my trips for 2007 early.

Looks like many of us will be forced to rethink how we will spend our vacation time. I'm sure many of you are like me and have only a specific amount you can budget for travel. Our only hope is that the company will see the error of their ways when the phones quit ringing.

As much as we preach the difference between blue water and brown, and as hooked as many of us are, we are willing to pay more for the "experience" and the other benefits - American crew, etc. But we are also a thrifty bunch and won't be taken advantage of. Sure don't want to see the boats go into another bankruptcy, so if the company stands by their "new policy", I hope there are enough "affluent" travelers to pay the price and keep them afloat.

Love to hear others comments and hope that Ambassadors International has someone monitoring this site.