You may have recognized the new ad from Big River Magazine here on the message board and on the homepage and I hope you'll have a look on their subscription offer :-)

If you've ever asked yourself why there is advertizing on and how it works for us ...

I think this is a good opportunity to talk a little bit about the funding of In case you're interested, please read on.

A permanent institution on the web pages are the Google Ads on the right side, called "Ads by Gooooogle". They are really the ads that do the funding for (paying for software licenses, e.g. the message board software, and for the monthly costs of the web server).

These Google ads do work in a very simple way: Every time someone clicks on an ad, receives money - usually somewhat in the range of 5 to 80 cents. That is, the advertizer pays for forwarding a potential customer. Money for every click, very simple.

The deal with Big River Magazine on the other side doesn't help funding the website but has a different purpose. Big River Magazine is advertizing for our "Steamboat Traveller" book (which, by the way, came out in a brand new, extended edition a few weeks ago) in their magazine and in return we advertize for their magazine's subscription. Similar deals are linked with Phyllis Dale's ads and the Empress of the North ad.

I hope this gives you a better understanding on why these ads are important for even though ads usually are somewhat annoying if you see them again and again. They're simply paying the operational costs of this website and therefore they are a very good thing ;-)