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    Does anyone know about this boat? There is some connection between her and my great grandfather, Victor Purdy, who lived in Lake Providence LA in the late 1800s.

    Thank you for the information from Way's Packet Journal. The sternwheeler mentioned doesn't seem to be the right boat, since it was active on the upper Ohio and my family lived in Louisiana. According to the Wooldridge Steamboat List, there were two Admiral Deweys- one sternwheeler and one sidewheeler. I think I need information on the sidewheeler.
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    According to Fred Way´s Packet Directory the ADMIRAL DEWEY (#0072) was a sternwheel packet boat, wooden hull, built in West Brownsville, PA, at Axton Yard in 1898. 125 * 24 * 4, engines 12´s- 4ft., two boilers. The engines came from a sand digger, GEORGE R. FORD, boilers etc. from HARRY D. KNOX. Came out in Monongahela River trade, Pittsburgh-Brownsville, then extended to Morgantown. Captain John G. Britton. By 1906 she had been through a U.S. marshal sale and went to the Allegheny River owned by Thomas J. and Willaim K. Hudson. They had her at Emlenton, PA, on a contract job, c. 1910. Sold to John W. Hubbard, Pittsburgh, Oct 21, 1912, and ran briefly Pittsburgh-Parkersburg. Principally noted for her "Flood Relief Trip" in spring 1913 when - loaded with donated supplies - she was sent from Pittsburgh to alleviate distress along the Muskingum with much fanfare and - as it turned out - poor results. Details of this are expanded in the S&D Reflector 1970 (March issue). Capt. Michael B. Davis commanded, Ed Sims pilot. On this trip she was equipped with a wireless telegraphy set manned by three Carnegie Tech students, probably the first instance on inland rivers. Hubbard sold the boat Ja 6, 1914 to Capt. Lewis Tanner who converted her to towing and handled a railroad transfer barge at Ashland, KY, Sold in June 1914 to Capt. John Donald, Ripley, OH. The Spang-Chalfant Co., Pittsburgh, bought her Dec 1917 and sent Capt. John G. Britton down to bring her up. She was cought in ice at Apple Grove, OH, just below old Lock and Dam 23, Ohio River, and sank Feb 12, 1918.

    As mentioned the S&D Reflector (March issue of 1970) has a long article about the 1913 flood and the ADMIRAL DEWEY. There´s a photo in this article but not a very good one.


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