I for one am so tired of these boats being sold and re-sold over and over again, as a former crew member on AQ, MQ and DQ, over the years I've seen my benefits slowly go away, with every re-sale of these boats comes a new set of rules.
Crew on these boats really give up a major part of there own lives to do this sort of work, yet every year and every re-sale, les and less is givin to us in return for years of loyalty and hard work.
This year I've been informed that there will be no alcohol allowed for officers, crew, and entertainers on the boats..none. Even if a passenger offered to buy us a drink , we are to say.."I'm sorry, thats not allowed."
We are all adults on these boats, if there is a problem, deal with the problem and treat everyone with just a little respect. I don't think I can return for more of these rules that treat us all like children.
No wonder MAL is having real difficulties staffing for 2007, when will the new owners realize that if you treat your people good, more good will follow?
Thanks for letting me vent. Agatha.