*I'm helping but 'questions' being asked*
Morning, Steamboating colleagues,
Thanks, Jo Ann, for the reminder above. This I have been doing over the summer--AGAIN for how many times I can't remember dating back to Betty Blake's initiative working on her committee. I've pulled out a number of Betty's fine press kits and communications here showing what she [And her committee and friends] did back then. There will never be another Betty Blake.

I do think it important that I mention having received several return communications from our congressional reps by phone and E=Mail with probing questions of their own. Let's not take it for granted these people are not going to question certain aspects of the initiative asking for, "added information, insights from you strictly 'off the record.'" And again several reps aren't clear thinking the DELTA QUEEN is similar to other 'museum vessels' in the public domain. This I responded with information. One has directly asked me "Who are the people directly in control of owning the boat at present and why haven't we heard from them? We seem to hear from 2nd and 3rd interested parties...a lobbyist for other interests is not illegal." I leave the rest up to you all. In addition, as mentioned earlier, if you live just one inch outside of a representatives district your letter and E=Mail is promptly ignored or returned. With another representative, I had my E=Mail to him returned with me finally printing it off here, sending by regular U.S. Mail in an envelope signed, sealed, stamped. We shall see. I'll give it one more old college try and that's it. No negativity or criticism here just being observations.

We are now in the first week of October with the year quickly passing, congress with mounting serious issues and initiatives on their desks and minds. I attended a local Cincinnati issue meeting here yesterday and was amazed at the work load some of these representatives say they have pilled up, waiting. Make no mistake. This issue is not going to be a shoo in. Again, I may not know much but I know what I'm seeing and hearing. Cheers!

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.