Bob, the kit is indeed the little Green River Packet Chaperon. I am currently building one for Dave Thomson out in CA. Unfortunately, the model falls short in the historical accuracely dept. The kit developers have painted all the cabin doors red and there is no detail inside the pilothouse. There is also a window across the front where there should be a breastboard and visor. The laser cut paddlewheel arms are way too thick and some of the cast metal fittings are innacurate - the bell is way too small and the whistle looks like a couple of blobs. There are other errors also. There is a long, long story connected with the development of this kit and I plan to tell it all in my Small Stacks Reflector column. Meanwhile, I'm correcting the faults as I find them in the course of building the kit. It's a nice kit and the laser cut parts go together very well (so Far) It does closely resemble the Chaperon but - - -. I call it the most accurate innacurate model of a Western Rivers steamboat yet produced by a hobby kit manufacturer.

By the way, I have sent a write up of the 2009 S & D meeting to the Waterways Journal along with Bill Judd's History of S & D write up. . It sould appear in a couple of weeks.