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Jo Ann Schoen 04-06-2017 08:29 PM

On to the House!!!
Great victory in the Senate on Monday. I was so impressed with the margin of Yay's! But we can't sit on our laurels. We are only half way there. So please start contacting your U S Representative while we have momentum. I will be trying to post phone numbers for key folks, starting with my home state of Indiana. So here are the first phone numbers:
HELP SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN! Two Hoosiers are on the Transportation Committee. Do you live in Central or North Central Indiana? The Indianapolis and surrounding area is represented by Andre Carson. His number is 202-225-4011. North Central Indiana is represented by Todd Rokita. His number is 202-225-5037. It is very important that we get Committee Members on our side. Please contact these gentlemen and ask them to support H.R. 619 and then encourage them to co-sponsor the bill.
The more Co-sponsors the better. Do you live in Southern Indiana? We need your help to convince Representatives Larry Bucshon and Luke Messer to become co-sponsors of H.R. 619 Mr. Bucshon represents the Southwest side of the state. His number is 202-225-4636. Mr. Messer represents the Southeast side of the state. So if you live in the Evansville/Newburgh, clear up to Terre Haute, area please call Mr. Bucshon. If you live in the Madison/Aurora/Lawrenceburg area please call Mr. Messer. His number is 202-225-3021. Please let me know if you need further information. Thank you and PLEASE SHARE!!!! Ask all your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to help continue the long storied history of the Lovely Lady, DELTA QUEEN!

Jo Ann Schoen 04-07-2017 06:40 PM

SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN. Let's all contact our Representatives, so that when they get back from their spring break - they'll know we've been busy. Tonight's focus is on Kentucky. Do you live in or have family and friends in Kentucky. Thomas Massie who's District is just East of Louisville and all the way along the Ohio River to West Virginia is on the Transportation Committee. PLEASE call his office at 202-225-3465 and ask him to not only co-sponsor H.R. 619 but to also do everything possible to get it out of committee. James Comer's District is from Henderson west all along the Ohio River and then south along the Mississippi River. His District covers Paducah, where the DELTA QUEEN stops nearly every time up and down the river. His number is 202-225-3115. Next is Brett Guthrie. His District covers Brandenburg, where the boats have been making stops and goes all the way to Owensboro. His number is 202-225-3501. Don't think someone else will take care of this. ONLY because YOU made the effort did the Senate pass the bill with such an overwhelming majority. Let's do the same in the House!!!!! Thanks and please SHARE!!!

Jo Ann Schoen 04-08-2017 02:12 PM

SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN! We need to keep the momentum going after the win in the Senate last Monday. Below is information on the Ohio Representatives that need to be targeted for call, emails, and faxes. Of course, we can't thank Steve Chabot enough for sponsoring H.R. 619. Already there are three co-sponsors from Ohio. Bill Johnson, Brad Wenstrup, and Jim Renacci. Bob Gibbs is on the Transportation Committee. His number is 202-225-6265. It is so important to make sure he knows the importance of getting this bill out of committee and on the floor for a vote as soon as possible! There were five other co-sponsors from Ohio before, that are not co-sponsors this time. If you live in Ohio please contact these folks and ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 619. Robert Latta 202-225-6405, Michael Turner 202-225-6465, Pat Tiberi 202-225-5355, David Joyce 202-225-5731, and Steve Stivers 202-225-2015. Thank you and PLEASE SHARE. Ask all your family, friends and neighbors to call too.

Jo Ann Schoen 04-08-2017 07:23 PM

West Virginia needs to step up to the plate to HELP SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN! There are three districts in West Virginia. All three Districts border the Ohio River. ALL THREE Representatives from West Virginia should be interested in the DELTA QUEEN running again. They are David McKinley, who's district runs from Parkersburg all the way up to East Liverpool. His number is 202-225-4172. Alex Mooney's district runs from the Ohio River to the Charleston area. The DELTA QUEEN is one of a few overnight passenger boats that can go to Charleston. His number is 202-225-2711. Evan Jenkins' number is 202-225-3452. His district runs from the Kentucky line to above Gallipolis. If you live in West Virginia or have family or friends that live in West Virginia, please call or email these Representatives and ask them to not only support H.R. 619, but to co-sponsor it as well. Thank you and Please SHARE!

Jo Ann Schoen 04-09-2017 08:31 PM

Illinois U.S. Representatives can help SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN. There are four of them on the Transportation Committee. Three of these have districts along the Mississippi and/or the Illinois River (yes, she travels on the Illinois River all the way to Ottawa, IL). If you live in Mike Bost's District which includes Cairo up to Wood River, please call him at 202-225-5661. Rodney Davis District is north of Wood River up several miles including Grafton, where she has stopped several times. His number is 202-225-2371. North of Mr. Davis' District belongs to Darin LaHood. His District then runs up to Fort Madison across from the Missouri/Iowa state line. His number is 202-225-6201. The rest of the state along the Mississippi River is covered by Cheri Bustos, which also includes up the Illinois River to around Peoria. Her number is 202-225-5905. H.R. 619 should also be of interest to Adam Kinzinger, as his District includes Ottawa, where many cruises start and end for the DELTA QUEEN. His number is 202-225-3635. Also on the Committee is Daniel Lipinski. His number is 202-225-5701. So if you live or have any family or friends in these Districts, NOW is the time to contact by phone or email these folks, asking them to not only support the exemption Bill # H.R. 619, but to also co-sponsor the bill. Thank you and PLEASE share.

Jo Ann Schoen 04-10-2017 08:20 PM

SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN. Minnesota and Wisconsin, she needs your help! Minnesota has four Representatives that should be pushing for H.R. 619, the exemption for the DELTA QUEEN. Tim Walz's District is from the Iowa line moving upriver two counties. His number is 202-225-2472. Jason Lewis is on the Transportation Committee. His District includes Red Wing. Many cruises in and out of St. Paul/Minneapolis stops in Red Wing (a very lovely town). His number is 202-225-2271. Betty McCollum represents St. Paul and Keith Ellison represents Minneapolis. Ms. McCollum's number is 202-225-6631. Mr. Ellison's number is 202-225-4755. Of course, folks use the hotels and airport when arriving and leaving cruises. Wisconsin has one Representative along the Mississippi River where the DELTA QUEEN travels. Of particular note is La Crosse, where she has made numerous stops over the years. I love the park at their riverfront. Ron Kind is that Representative. His number is 202-225-5506. Of course, the House Majority Leader is from Wisconsin. He should be encouraged to help H.R. 619 along as much as he can. His number is 202-225-3031. PLEASE CALL, EMAIL AND SHARE. Thank you so much.

Jo Ann Schoen 04-13-2017 06:34 PM

The campaign to HELP SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN continues. Missouri has five districts that border the Mississippi River. But most important is Sam Graves, who is on the Transportation Committee. And his District borders the Mississippi above St. Louis. So if you are in his District or know someone that is, please call his office at 202-225-7041 and ask him to not only support the bill, but to also become a co-sponsor and do all he can to get it out of Committee as soon as possible and on the floor for a vote. There are three co-sponsors from Missouri already. Please call and thank them for their support. They are Jason Smith. His number is 202-225-4404. Wm. Clay is also a co-sponsor. His number is 202-225-2406. And Blaine Leutkemeyer is a co-sponsor. His number is 202-225-2956. There is one other Representative that has a District that borders the Mississippi. Her name is Ann Wagner. She represents the area of South St. Louis. Her number is 202-225-1621. THANK each of you for your help. Please contact these folks and ask your family and friends to contact them as well. Also they have links from their webpages to send an email. PLEASE SHARE.

Jo Ann Schoen 04-14-2017 08:05 PM

Today would have been a Beeeaaauuutteeeffuulll steamboatin' day here in the Ohio River Valley. By this time next year, with your help, contacting your Representatives we can make it happen !!! Iowa has two Districts with Representatives along the Mississippi River. Rod Blum is already a co-sponsor of H.R. 619. Please call him at 202-225-2911 to thank him for his support. David Loebsack represents the southern part of the state bordering the River. Please call him at 202-225-4426 to ask him to not only support H.R. 619, but to also co-sponsor it. Arkansas has three Districts that have Representatives that should be interested in the DELTA QUEEN running again. They are Rick Crawford who represents the length of the state bordering the Mississippi River. His number is 202-225-4076. Many may not know, but the DELTA QUEEN has turnover days in Little Rock. So therefore, folks fly in and out of the airport there. I personally, have gotten on the DQ in Little Rock and spent the night at a local hotel before boarding there. The Representative for the Little Rock area is French Hill. His number is 202-225-2506. And believe it or not the DELTA QUEEN actually goes to Fort Smith (and beyond). That District is represented by Steve Womack. His number is 202-225-4301. If you live in these Districts or have family or friends that live in any of them, please call or email these Representatives and ask not only that they support H.R. 619, but that they co-sponsor H.R. 619 as well.

Jo Ann Schoen 04-15-2017 11:40 AM

Tennessee has 6 Districts that have river frontage where the DELTA QUEEN travels and stops. Let's ask these Representatives to support H.R. 619 to HELP SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN. One is co-sponsor Steve Cohen of Memphis. Please call him 202-225-3265 to thank him. David Kustoff has the rest of the Mississippi River. His number is 202-225-4714. Marsha Blackburn represents Clarksville and surrounding area. Her number is 202-225-2811, Jim Cooper has Nashville, where the boat has turnover day when she goes up the Cumberland River. Folks fly in and out of their airport and spend the night before and after. His number is 202-225-4311. Scott DesJarlais represents the South Pittsburgh area. Many times when the boat can not get to Chattanooga she would land at South Pittsburgh. His number is 202-225-6831. Chuck Fleischman represents Chattanooga. Of course this was her lovely home from 2009 until 2015. We had many happy reunions on the North Shore. The folks in the shops were always so kind when we visited. Her turnover day up the Tennessee ends there. Therefore turnover day with airport and hotel use. His number is 202-225-3271. PLEASE contact these folks by phone or email. Ask them to support H.R. 619, but also ask them to co-sponsor the bill. Please ask your family and friends who live in these Districts to do the same. PLEASE SHARE. Thank you.

Jo Ann Schoen 04-15-2017 07:57 PM

The Representatives from the State of Mississippi can certainly HELP SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN by supporting H.R. 619. There are four Districts in Mississippi and the DELTA QUEEN cruises by and/or stops in all four!!! Trent Kelly represents where the river flows at the very Northwest corner of the state. His number is 202-225-4306. Bennie Thompson represents Tunica, Greenville and Vicksburg. His number is 202-225-5876. Gregg Harper represents Natchez and south. His number is 202-225-5031. Though Steven Palazzo represents Gulfport, Pascagoula, Biloxi, she has cruised through those water in the inland passage. His number is 202-225-5772. If you live in Mississippi or have family or friends that live there please ask them to contact these Representatives and ask them to not only support H.R. 619, but they should be interested enough to Co-Sponsor the Bill. Thank you very much. PLEASE SHARE!

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