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Jim Reising 08-18-2016 03:47 PM

Another Civics Question
For whatever reasons, President Obama has had to rely on Executive Orders to implement some of his programs. My question is, could the President exempt the Magnificent Lady by issuing an executive order?
It seems to me if an executive order has the power to raise the minimum wage requirements for govt. contractors, an executive order would have the power to exempt one steamboat from SOLAS a law that stands for Safety of Life at SEA, not the RIVER.

R. Dale Flick 08-19-2016 03:00 PM

*Civics question/President Obama/SOLAS laws*
Steamboating colleagues:
I also have had major computer/internet/TV/phone issues up here following a big electrical storm off Lake Michigan. While typing earlier something went POOF! and I'm starting over being again on line.

*Jim, you ask some interesting questions above and I know I don't know the answers RE: Presidential executive orders, how constituted or accomplished. And again the question RE: SOLAS [Safety of Life at Sea] has come up again--with all angst it engenders with questions about "not the river." SOLAS was discussed on this web many a moon back. I have continued to check on SOLAS, consult their government web sites, new laws.

SOLAS first organized in 1912 following the TITANIC sinking; then new conventions in 1929, 1948, 1960 and today's laws for SOLAS, 1974 with revisions following as 'Formal, 25 May, 1980.' All nations subject to the laws on their home waters, vessels at sea. Many nations also have their own version of the Coast Guard similar as here with all that entails. My legal source tells me that any already existing findings, tests, investigations, recommendations filed for any boat/ship would not disappear no matter who signs the exemption. *There are 12 detailed chapters to SOLAS with Chapter No. 2 being on 'Fire Protection.' And this just isn't going to go away no matter what from what I see/read.

One glaring piece of evidence involving SOLAS laws centered around the 1956 July sinking of the Italian Liner ANDREA DORIA after her collision with the STOCKHOLM. SOLAS investigations proved that the ANDREA DORIA was deficient in below deck water tight doors that 'could' have stemmed or stopped the ship from taking on water, sinking--possibly--with her flooded generator rooms going off line as the water rose shutting off vital pumps. Now 60 years later it would be foolish to debate or counter. In short, the ANDREA DORIA was deficient in construction in the 1948 SOLAS rules. How the error passed final sign-off of the ship from builder to owner [This being the ITALIAN LINE owned greatly in part by the Italian government and therefore "a possession of the Italian state"] never really answered behind closed door hearings. SOLAS laws for boats/ships now equal no matter. Again, what do I know?

R. Dale Flick
Summer on the northern shores of mighty Lake Michigan

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