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Jim Reising 06-08-2016 10:40 AM

How Much Interest Is Really There?
I have wondered for some time how much interest is really there for saving our beloved riverboat. From the postings on this forum and on Facebook, honestly, there doesn't seem to be that many. Only about 20 or 30 people seem to be active and most of them are former crew members. All you need to do is look at the poor showing when the DQ owners solicited contributions. In my opinion, strictly my opinion, the DQ owners have not done themselves any favors by remaining silent; they haven't seriously gotten out and beaten the drum to gain support; it seems they have pretty much left that up to JoAnn Schoen and the "DQ Girls". When asked by us interested supporters and future customers all we get is "You don't know what's happening behind the scene". Perhaps they would get more interest and support if they they weren't so silent.

Marcus J. Lynn 06-08-2016 04:07 PM

Times Free Press Article
The latest information I've gotten comes from an article released in April.

[url=]Delta Queen remains unrepaired a year after leaving Chattanooga | Times Free Press[/url]

Apparently, the dock in Missouri where the QUEEN would be moored is being worked on, and the nearby restaurant is also under construction. "The property where it will reside and dock has been purchased by the Jefferson County Port Authority in conjunction with the city of Kimmswick," is what the mayor said. He also later said: "The cosmetics are a continuing process down there, it's in the middle of a swamp. I did personally spit on finger and make a big line on the side of it to see how difficult it would to be to clean it off, and I could do it with my finger. It basically needs to be powerwashed."

The article later speaks about how both Missouri US Senators are for the bill, which is good news, and then it goes on about ACL lobbying for it to stay off the waters. A pretty good article, and as recent as important DELTA QUEEN news goes. I was pretty optimistic to read it; they seem to be hustling over there, even though I agree it would greatly help the company to release what's happening "behind the scenes".

Judy Patsch 06-08-2016 04:13 PM

Exactly, Jim!
If the owners showed half the interest and spent half the time JoAnn has, the exemption would be through already. We know how much ACL has spent on lobbying, how much has the DQ spent? And any responses from ownership come from Phillip, who seems to be the most interested in the DQ's fate. How about hearing from the majority owners???? What are you doing???

Jo Ann Schoen 06-09-2016 07:21 PM

You folks are way to kind! It's so unjust I couldn't sit by and not try to make it right. As we've had the new owners since February, 2015, I never do anything without trying to contact them first. And believe you me, if I weren't working 50 hours a week, I'd be doing much more! ;-)
Gotta have the faith that it will get done!

Judy Patsch 06-10-2016 02:26 PM

OK Russ, you wanted me to double post, so here it is
I just posted this on the Save DQ Facebook page, so here it is here to get deleted too I suppose:

J[I]oAnn, as I posted on .org, its hard to keep the faith when it appears that only YOU are doing anything toward the exemption. I'll ask it on here too: what have the major owners been doing toward getting the exemption? How much money has been spent on lobbying, or is there any professional lobbying going on? As Taylor points out, time is short this year. Is there no urgency on the part of the owners to get the exemption? Just wait yet another year and another year.... let's hear from someone other than Phillip, who seems to be the only owner who is interested. ..Are they really just planning to use her as a hotel in Kimmswick, but are putting up a front that they are trying to get an exemption to run her again? Remember back on Aug. 1, 2007 when MAL announced 'sadly' that the exemption bid had just failed - but in the same announcement they listed her 'farewell tour schedule for 2008'? What is being done in D.C. toward the exemption? Where has the money donated online and by minor investors gone? Cornell, Leah Ann?????[/I]

Wesley Paulson 06-10-2016 03:14 PM

I think we are in a different reality where exemptions are concerned. Taking from experience working for non-profit advocacy in my state legislature, things like passing the DQ exemption are often traded with reluctant legislators as chits for major votes. This happened in a much friendlier state-level legislative environment than the current state of things on Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

I would not count the DQSC out. Just because we aren't hearing anything doesn't mean something isn't happening. If they were trying to tack an exemption in a larger bill they might not want to call attention in a big way until time to pop the cork and celebrate.


Judy Patsch 06-10-2016 05:36 PM

Different reality
Of course that is the way it was done in 1970. But I thought they had tightened up on tacking on unrelated subject matter to bills. Whatever, I think the absolute silence to the minions and faithful is not good. It [I]appears[/I] than nothing is being done, and you know how perception becomes reality. I don't think all my questions concerned tacking on to a popular bill, Wesley. You are saying that the powers that be can't say where the contributed money has gone, for instance? I think your reality and mine are quite different regarding this silence :-)

Jim Reising 06-11-2016 09:38 AM

Wes, that is the exact same post you made 4 months ago and from that we should not question the management and rest assured that the DQSC has everything well in hand and progress is being made. Therefore, there is no reason for us to call or write our congressman as JoAnn wants us to do. In fact, it could be counter productive.
Would it be too much to reveal about the progress of those super, secret negotiations for the boats management to tell us if it's time to go to the liquor store to buy the bottle, time to put it in the frig to start chilling, or time to take it out of the frig and remove the foil seal?
After all it was the DQSC's management who opened this can of worms by soliciting contributions to raise capital rather than selling stock as every other corporation does. Like all contributions to a charity the contributors have a right to know what good their hard earned money is doing.

R. Dale Flick 06-11-2016 11:20 AM

*Congress/Lobbying/'Private for Profit*
Steamboating colleagues:
Very, very interesting questions, insights on the above RE: "How mch interest is really there?" Many points on the DQ initiative have and will continue to appear here--we hope--and other media like FACEBOOK etc.

No question the ladies have done legion work on this nearly to the date the DQ boat shut her boilers down, steam dropped. But there have also been a number of others here who have not only chimed in with support but date way back to the first exemption initiative lead by Betty Blake. And then other exemption issues after that. Newspaper articles/edtitorials written, 'talks' given to various interests groups, radio interviews, speaking before city councils, letters, calls, E=Mails to congressional representatives on and on. Petition tables were even set up at inside and outside shopping malls here in the greater Cincinnati region.

Remember, no 'private for profit corporate entitity outside of the public domain' owes any of us data, information, plans, financial figures above the basics of their business operation. I agree much more going on "behind the scenes" than we know. Phil Johnson spoke clearly with no 'steamboat romance' on the DQ project at the spring meeting and evening banquet of S&D and MOR at Clifty Inn, Madison, Indiana. Any individual free to dontate personal financial resources, volunteer time, labor all they want to any initiative they so desire be it private for profit or public. The issue is that solicitated donations done so with no guraranteed Federal IRS Tax Exempt status. At least I didn't see any clear registration of it on letters of appeal I received or handed. Nothing wrong with purchasing any item in support. The receving company or operation can accept donations but must be registered with their State Attorney General, pay a tax.

I get calls, E=Mails, letters all the time as S&D treasurer to "why not make a donation to the dear DELTA QUEEN?" Some requests polite with others direct, demanding. ANY organization with 501(C)3 Tax Exempt status or Charitable Trust totally forbidden to make any grant. To do so could result in IRS or individual state intervention, cancellation of charter or state status, possible prosecution. That bit of news more than deflates with a polite "thanks," growling, no comment or the phone being slammed down. I certainly don't want to see any friends, colleagues end up with me writing holiday cards, sending treats to people cooling it in the slammer. The DELTA QUEEN can not be compared to the Str. W.P. SNYDER, Ohio River Museum, Marietta, Ohio as the SNYDER is in the public domain. I've also thought, researched why or why not the DQ initiative--at this point--can't offer certified stock investments with a corporate prospectus to interested investors. No doubt that could only come with an exemption.

The fact that certain congressional representatives NOT receiving more communications of interest/support for the DQ may come with various answers. So, once AGAIN I step up to send yet another letter, E=Mail, phone call in support. But this is getting old fast. The year 2016 and circumstances now far different politically, financially than they were when Betty Blake carted that big wheelbarrow up the steps of the U.S. Capitol containing all those hundreds of thousands of signatures. How many of you here worked with Betty then, saw the wheelbarrow? Even crusty Garmatz had to give Betty credit watching all with a smile on his face. Yet, what do I know?

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati

R. Dale Flick 06-12-2016 09:16 AM

*Betty's DQ campaign/Shopping center tables then*
Steamboating colleagues:
A 'shy lurker' promptly sent an E=Mail to me RE: the above postings "How much interest is really there?" with questions about Betty Blake's first campaign, approaches etc. OK, I hear readers here now moaning, "Here goes Dale again." I gathered the 'shy lurker' only knew Betty from reputation, other sources--never direct. Again, there was and will be only ONE Betty Blake. She also grew up in a political family in Kentucky, pursued her college degress in business, marketing, public relations. When Betty arrived on planet earth her mold was promptly broken. A knowing poster entered on here back a while, "Most people wouldn't have liked Betty Blake." True but with a follow statement, "Betty at times didn't often like most of us." She complained about "meddling...problems with so called DQ fans...I wonder who are our friends or enemies with the DELTA QUEEN." Her language was at times caustic, colorful, direct cutting to the core. Yet, she was thoughtful, appreciative. Several times she said to me, "In public relations you often have to 'use' people. You do so graciously letting them know why." With every PR victory she had there were several duds tipping the scales.

The question posed to me RE: "petition tables inside and outside of shopping malls" garnered a zillion signatures. Remember, the issue was somewhat different then than now. I'd have to check with regulations and laws now on the books here but think then Betty and her 'troops' had to get legal clearance, approval from the city to mount a political campaign with tables, printed material, gathering signatures on the mall property. This to disengage the mall corporate mangement, store leasers from involvement in a 'political initiative.' It isn't as easy to pass out flyers, request signatures as easy as people think. Early on Betty established links with newspaper writers, TV media in nearly every city/town where the DQ stopped cultivating allies. She knew which media outlet to tap when needed usuing very well written, printed 'press kits'--and she stuck to the kits with no off the cuff asides. I have many of her press kits in my files here with then B/W gloss photos, color prints etc. inside. These campaign tools cost money then and even more now. Betty became more of a household name here than the mayor, city council, top corporate executives, those in the arts. Once it was written, "Betty Blake has the job everybody wants." Or so they thought not knowing the real story, inside facts.

In pulling out the big guns for the DQ then, Betty pushed the envelope to the 'nth degree sweetened by her charm and guile. She was questioned then seeking support for an otherwise "private for profit corporate concern outside of the public domain" from the public. Anyway, it worked. She knew to work her campaign(s) from a purely political point avoiding any money grants, gifts to remain 'legal.' Betty worked long, long hours burning the candle at both ends often to her own detriment being exausted. Still she didn't do it alone for certain. I look back now, paw in my files reviewing all of that wondering if it all really happened. Again, what do I know or remember from those years?

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati

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