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Russ Ryle 03-02-2016 07:50 AM

The DQ will be saved when it has a sustainable business plan.
Morning friends,

Capt. Greene had one. He understood the limits of the boats and the river.

Can someone please articulate a business plan that will work for the DQ today and into the future?

Keep your steam (and her steam) up!

Russ Ryle

David Dewey 03-02-2016 12:37 PM

I really doubt that a viable operating boat business plan can be developed until the exemption is passed, but what do I know??

Russ Ryle 03-02-2016 04:49 PM

Which comes first ....
A stronger case can be made for an exemption if it can be shown there is a financially sound way forward to preserve and operate the DQ now and into the future. What does a crew cost per day? What about operating costs and maintenance? What would the daily room rate have to be to cover these costs?

Keep your steam up!

Russ Ryle

Frank X. Prudent 03-03-2016 06:06 PM

There was a business plan that was developed several years ago. I don't know for a fact, but I'm sure that it has been tweaked since then. At that time proposed nightly tariffs were listed, and they were in line with the fares the AMERICAN QUEEN was charging

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