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Jo Ann Schoen 02-06-2016 02:58 PM

February is SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN month
She's always on my mind. So let's make February SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN month. If each of you would call your Representative and ask them to support HR1248 and call your two Senators and ask them to support S1717, think of how many calls they will get. Email or fax works too That's just three phone, emails or faxes. Surely we each have time to do that! Then go a step further. Ask just 5 other people to do the same thing. And ask them to ask five people, etc. Soon EVERYONE in the United States will be calling to ask for support. Even if your Rep or Senator is a co-sponsor, call, email or fax them. Thank them for their support, but ask them to give a BIG PUSH to get it out of committee and on the floor for a vote. The owner's have made countless trips to Washington. Let's show them they have our loyal support and we're not giving up!!!!!

Ginnie Rhynders 02-06-2016 06:41 PM

Jo Ann, you must be the Queen of the Delta Queen supporters. Thanks for all you do and the encouragement you give to the rest of us who are often ready to throw in the towel. Carry on, folks.

Wesley Paulson 02-06-2016 07:57 PM

Count Me In...
I'm in to send a friendly reminder.

Jo Ann Schoen 02-12-2016 06:42 PM

I have printed out the Senators and Reps phone numbers. Does anyone need help with them. Just let me know which state for the Senator and which Rep.

Matthew Cooper 02-14-2016 09:00 PM



David Dewey 02-15-2016 12:32 AM

What's with all the no votes?? What gives here?? Is someone stuffing the box who doesn't like the DQ??

David Dewey 02-24-2016 03:54 PM

So someone was stuffing the box! and now. . ..
It appears someone was stuffing the vote box. And now the two main anti-bill posters are claiming that Jo Ann and I are the same person, and somehow we are both "shills" for the Delta Queen Steamboat Company.
Well, I've heard of "getting in touch with my feminine side" but this that's ridiculous! If any of you want to post & straighten out these nuts (OK, just because I disagree with them, I guess I shouldn't call them "nuts" but. . .), please feel free to do so; it's pretty easy to post there and the DQ needs all our support!


David Dewey (a real person, at least I think I am. . .)

David Dewey 02-29-2016 02:07 PM

Time to March on Congress! Let's Roll the Big Wheel!
This is the last day of February, and it appears we still haven't gotten any movement on the bills. So, I am proposing March as "March on Congress!" month. We need to get the Big Wheel Rolling again!
Folks, at least those of you who still post and read here, we are in a Crisis! We are entering into the "Election Frenzy" time period for Congress. Somehow we have to get our message out to the media and get more "regular folks" to put pressure on congress to act on the bills.
We do have an uphill battle; there are some out there who really don't want to see the Delta Queen running again. I do not know, nor understand their motivation, but they do exist and we need to overcome their opposition.
If you have any ideas of how to get some media-worthy stories going, please share them. Oh for the days when Betty Blake could get press coverage on the steps of congress with nation-wide petitions for the Delta Queen. Apparently history is not as important to today's youth and society as a whole, so we will have to redouble our efforts!

Jo Ann Schoen 02-29-2016 09:44 PM

Will someone else pic up the "March on Congress"? David Dewey is correct. We need to get the Big Wheel Rolling again. Any one?

David Dewey 03-01-2016 12:33 AM

Jo Ann,
I started a new thread with the "March on Congress" title, and copied my previous post there, hopefully folks will pick up the flag and go with it. It is very difficult for me to do much from here with my slow dial-up connection.
C'mon folks, lets GO GO GO!!!!

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