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Judy Patsch 09-01-2015 03:28 PM

An interesting article
I was going through some of my back email articles, and I don't think this one was ever posted on .org. Its an interesting concept - Tom Dunn ran his Gateway boat down there several years ago for a day trip, and it was a cute little town.

Jim Blum 09-01-2015 03:40 PM

Interesting as Kimswick was the last place the former Lt Robt E Lee Restaurant operated (for a rather short time) before being closed/sold again. While being renovated, (a short distance above the Downtown Wharf) just prior to completion it met its end in a spectacular fire a couple years ago.

Judy Patsch 09-01-2015 03:42 PM

the landing
As I recall, it was a very steep landing and Tom had to put out boards over the mud just to get us to the steps. Has it been improved over the years? The town was right there, once you climbed the steep embankment.

Mark Stromboli 09-01-2015 03:52 PM

Hi all, I see you are talking about Kimmswick. It's a great little town. The landing would need to be improved if any boats called the town home. It is a little steep, but with a suitable wharfboat, not impossible. If passengers were to be brought to the town, there would need to be some money spent improving the direct access from boat to town, or they'd have to spend a lot of time and money shuttling people around. There's no direct access now, but if a sidewalk were to run from boat to town, it wouldn't be that far of a walk. Just my 2 nickels.

Judy Patsch 09-01-2015 07:46 PM

Its been a while,
but thanks Jim for reminding me about the LEE, and Mark for verifying what I remembered about that landing. It was a neat little trip on the Gateway boat from the St. Louis levee to Kimmswick. Tom had people ride the boat down, eat in town, and then bus back to St. Louis, and vice versa. I opted to take the boat both ways but still had a little time in town, especially to hit the Blue Owl Restaurant - or more specifically their baked goods! I'm guessing this trip was at least 8 years ago, so I imagine more shops have opened, especially in anticipation of the gambling boat, which never materialized I think.

Judy Patsch 09-02-2015 08:06 PM

A recent interesting article
Someone posted this on the Facebook Save the DQ site:
[url=]Delta Queen may have chosen Kimmswick to be its home port : Business[/url]

Denny Hamilton 09-10-2015 11:12 PM

Kimmswick It Is!
Here's an article from The Cincinnati Enquirer announcing Kimmswick as the new home of the Delta Queen. No posting is appearing yet on the DQ facebook pages. I'm anxious to hear how the steamboat community weighs-in on this decision.
[url=]Delta Queen has new home in Missouri[/url]

Richard Reiff 09-11-2015 09:48 AM

So, how does one get to Kimmswick, MO?
Glad the DQ is getting things done and setting up a home base. Looking forward to getting back on a real steamboat again.

One minor question. Just how does one get to Kimmswick via public transport? There is no bus or shuttle shown from St Louis (downtown or airport), and no Amtrak or Greyhound service. One quote on-line shows a limo service at $90/person, a bit high. I would assume either a DQ provided shuttle to downtown St. Louis or airport would be needed. Am I missing something?

Jim Reising 09-11-2015 02:02 PM

It's great they are making progress and getting things in place for when the exemption comes through, but just looking at Kimmswick on Google Earth, it looks like a l o n g walk from their unimproved riverfront up to town passing right by the sewage treatment plant and ducking under a railroad track. It may be a cute, historic, artistic small town, but I'm not sure I would want to base my overnight passenger boat headquarters there. A headquarters, to me, requires some specialized people such as reservation clerks, compliance officers (even small towing companies now have a person in charge of complying with all the govt. regulations), marine and hotel supply purchasing personnel, port engineers, port captains, etc, etc. It might be hard and/or expensive to get that kind of talent to live in or commute to Kimmswick.
But what do I know?

Bob Reynolds 09-11-2015 04:31 PM

It is my understanding that the City of Kimmswick and the State of Missouri have committed the necessary funds to put in place a landing spot, road(s), etc. As far as specialized people, they can likely find them there or very close by. Certainly others will be brought in as needed -- that is done all over the corporate world. St. Louis is a hop, skip and jump from Kimmswick. I'm quite sure they'll have or arrange for shuttle buses, parking, etc.

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