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A renewed sense of urgency for the Delta Queen

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Default A renewed sense of urgency for the Delta Queen

Good morning everyone,
We have had 81 new members board The Delta Queen and her virtual crew here on Facebook. That has been a daunting task for me with limited mobility, but nothing will stop me from helping to try a save a piece of history. Everyone here please take a moment to read the pinned post at the top of the group. Call the committee on Science, Commerce and Transportation and speak to anyone there, once again that number is (202) 224-9000, I spoke with Brandon. Explain to the committee why you support Senate Bill S.1022 which is the exemption bill, if you need further information about the bill and the text of it to make your conversation easier, please visit, Bill Summary & Status - 113th Congress (2013 - 2014) - S.1022 - THOMAS (Library of Congress) . This will help you be better informed when speaking with the committee. The head of this Committee is Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia. I know one of the concerns I was told by Brandon that some of the committee members had was the safety of the boat. Many of you have taken trips on the DQ, some of them many trips, please tell the member you speak with about the fire and safety drills that were conducted before we left the dock, if you saw sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, or a fire alarm in your room, and also if you accidentally ever set it off following a hot steamy shower and the response that was received from the crew.

We are running out of time to get this legislation passed, we are hoping that it will be attached to another bill to be presented for a vote before the Senate before the end of this year, however the Holidays are fastly approaching and that means the Senate will be on Vacation, all of everyone involved in this tremendous undertaking of trying to get her returned to cruising industry are counting on you the members here to drive up the pressure on the committee, please call them today, then also contact your current state Senator's office and express your support for this bill and how much it means to you and the importance of preserving a piece of American history. We need additional co-sponsors of this bill to help give it momentum. Please comment below on this post what you have done, and the response you received in case extra work needs to be done by the company looking to return the boat to service. Thank you all and to the new members that have joined us thanks to Mr. Erwin Walker who has shared these posts in other groups and invited people here, welcome aboard, we are glad to have you with us.

Good Afternoon Steamboaters,
As many of you know that the Senate Bill S.1022 has been in the Senate Committee for some time now. We are in the Lame Duck Session right now, so we must push harder now than ever before. I just got off the phone with a Committee Member. We talked for some time, and now this is the part where you all come in, and this is more important than anything ever done by the members of this group. We need to build up the steam pressure on this committee in order to get the bill and onto the calendar for a vote, there are very few slots with the Holidays fastly approaching and the end of the legislative year. So this is what we need to do, all of you please spend a few minutes of your time doing this, because we are fighting for a spot on the calendar when its already pretty full with important issues such as averting a shutdown and terrorist group control. I ask that all of you call the committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, spend time talking to them as to why you feel safe riding the DQ, why it is a piece of our history that needs to be saved, she is the last fully steam powered overnight vessel left, speak of the fire and boat safety drills done in the days she was operating and how the crew was responding during the drills, speak of your visual sight of sprinklers in the rooms, as well as fire and smoke detectors, speak of any time that the boat had to be landed in a hurry to get a sick passenger off, basically these are just some topics to talk about with them to help you out. We have provided loads of documentation on the safety systems and the renovation plans, so all of that is covered. Here is the number to call (202) 224-9000. I spoke with Brandon, but anyone that answers you can speak with, identify yourself and that you are calling about bill number S.1022 and state your case. Okay group its time to build steam, we are running out of time here and the DQ needs your help. Thank you.

**Update** When I spoke with Brandon, he told me that Senator Rockefeller's concerns had been eased thanks to the efforts of Representative Sherrod Brown. This legislation has a chance to pass attached to a Coast Guard Bill, folks, make the calls, to your Senators and the committee today, if this does not pass this year, we are loosing a lot of support from representatives who were not re-elected, and it may never pass if that happens. Full steam ahead folks. You are all welcome to visit and join the Facebook group I run, for the latest information.**
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