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An idea just crazy enough to work...or not.

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Default An idea just crazy enough to work...or not.

Ok, like most of us on here, I have been racking my brain trying to think up any hair-brained scheme to get one or all of our Queens back on the rivers. But, like most, if not all of us I'm short on two things, money and public support. Well, what if we could kill both birds with one stone?

I'm sure that everyone has heard of Farm Aid and other benefit concerts for just about everything under the sun. What if we could find a musician or actor, John Mellencamp from Seymour, IN., Harry Connick, Jr. or Brad Pitt from New Orleans or another high profile person/people that we could make aware of the piece of Americana that we have lost/are losing and organize a benefit to Save the Queens? Explain how without the steamboat that the family farm wouldn't exist in many places in America that steamboats brought people to and helped settle. Explain that without the steamboat music as we know it would be completely different if jazz hadn't spread from the south to the north. Explain that unlike Farm Aid (which has been held for the past twenty-five years) and other benefits, this would be a one-time event with real and visible results. I think it could work if we got one or two high profile supporters and worked hard to organize volunteers.

First, we would have to set up a not-for-profit group with a very specific, detailed plan for saving and operating our steamboats.

Second, find a high-profile supporter and get the support of a group like the Tallstacks committee (if they exist anymore), organize volunteers at every river museum and anyplace with a tie to the boats or river and start a more public campaign to gather support for the DQ's exemption and funds to refurbish and operate one, two or all three of the boats.

Third, organize a benefit concert at a river town, I envision Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, where proceeds go to Save the Queens. A text message donation could be set up (similar to what they are doing for Haiti relief) for raising funds (ten dollars per text) and each text also puts your name on a petition to Congress for an exemption for the DQ.

This may be a pipe dream, but people raise money and awareness all the time for all kinds of crazy things with the help if celebrities. It would require a lot of work and even more luck to pull off, but I think it is possible, if not very probable.

What do you all think, any other ideas?

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