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Phillip Johnson 09-09-2009 01:03 AM

...and the stars fell on Chattanooga...
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Just a little tidbit on a recent addition to the Delta Queen, one all FRN's are sure to appreciate...

Upon a recent visit to the boat, Mr. Harry Phillips was so kind to let the Belle of Louisville's very own Dan Lewis show off some of his skill by painting new stars on the DQ's paddlewheel shaft. We figure the ole girl needs any luck she can get as she journey's down a new path (even if temporarily). Just wanted to share some pics!

Anyone have plans to go visit her soon? She may not be moving and trembling, but she's still the Delta Queen and still has all that charm! One of the most fun things I have found to do on the boat now is sharing some of her history and why she's special with the many new guests who know very little about the boat. Almost everyone of them I get the chance to talk to leaves with such a great appreciation for the Queen. Their eyes light up when they find out who has occupied these same halls and cabins, where the boat has been, etc etc. Here's our chance to spread the word about why she's special and worth saving!

Ted Guillaum 09-09-2009 08:32 AM

I am glad to see the stars are back. (Don't they look good!) It has been too many years since they have adorned the paddlewheel. Welcome back and good luck Delta Queen.

Jo Ann Schoen 09-09-2009 09:46 AM

Phillip forgot to mention other tasks these guys accomplished during their brief stay - which included new paint on the engine room floor. She's getting close to lookin' as good as when Captain Mike and Chief Dennis was runnin' her every day! Yep, with the white sparkling paint on her superstructure and the clean green decks (no soot), she is a show piece for sure.

Most Chattanoogans are proud to have her there. The only time I have not seen someone standing in the park looking at her was during a rainy morning. It's so fun to hear kids say "It's the DELTA QUEEN". They know she's special!!! Coolidge Park is being used constantly and has many special events that draws folks to the shore. The DELTA QUEEN is on display ALL the time. I met the head of the Chattanooga Parks Department. He says they are pleased that she is there and are willing to help out any way they can.

No, this is not our first choice, but folks - think of the alternative. Go visit. Support her now, but continue to keep our Congressmen informed that they have made a grave mistake by not pressing for the exemption.

Sorry, I get distracted. GREAT job on the STARS!!!!!

Bob Reynolds 09-09-2009 10:24 AM

They do look good. It is the little things that make a boat (any boat) look well cared- for. And, it takes a crew with pride in their work and a love of their jobs for it to is not something that can be "bossed".

Judy Patsch 09-09-2009 11:56 AM

DQ stars
You were certainly the 'star man' in our DQ days... and I remember seeing your towboat come through here the first time: stars on the bow! I presume the MAGNOLIA is so adorned?

Keith Norrington 09-09-2009 01:13 PM

Somewhere in my archives is a middle-of-the-night photo I took of Dave Tschiggfrie repainting the stars on the wheel cranks whilst the DQ was tied up overnight at Lake City, Minnesota -- a rare stop for her.

Shipyard Sam 09-09-2009 02:42 PM

Sun Stars
Those were Yellow Stars, weren't they? Sun Signs. Wasn't that when a lady poet aboard wrote: [I]"This is the trip that Yellow Stars were painted on the paddlewheel...they are Hopi Sun Signs..."[/I]

Judy Patsch 09-09-2009 04:59 PM

DQ stars
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Right you are, Sam...
Here are 3 pix of the stars on the DQ pitman, none of which is dated.
1) is probably 1978, judging by the size of the print, and my accessibility to the fantail.
2) is in L&D 15 here, probably 1979, as the Voyages to America sign is no more (1973-78) on the Sundeck railing
3) I'm guessing 1980. Who changed the stars from yellow to red? A second look at this and a companion pix lead me to think late summer 1980, as this is the newly built wheel after the shaft cracked in June/July of '80...

Bob Reynolds 09-09-2009 06:02 PM

[QUOTE=Judy Patsch;18340]You were certainly the 'star man' in our DQ days... and I remember seeing your towboat come through here the first time: stars on the bow! I presume the MAGNOLIA is so adorned?[/QUOTE]

You know it! Only one on the capstan, though. We might change that next year...

Phillip Johnson 09-09-2009 11:50 PM

Ok some more shots...
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As JoAnn mentioned we also did a little sprucing up in the engine room. New paint on the floors and engine timbers and freshly polished brass. Now all we need is a good chief and his crew to get her underway! (I can dream can't I?!)

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