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Annie Lebeaux 12-27-2008 09:15 PM

Does anyone know if DQ is OK?
I'm wondering if anyone knows the status of the DQ as to its present condition, who's looking after it, etc., where it's tied anyone taking care that NONE of the company's boats rot away, for that matter? thanks....

Bruno Krause 12-28-2008 12:18 AM

Happy Holidays to you!

The DQ is tied up to the outside of the MQ at Julia Street wharf, both across and up the river a bit from the old Robin Street wharf. There is at least one watchman for both boats and the sternline telegraph says he's a good guy and cares deeply about the boats.

The interior of the DQ really hasn't changed much. Paintings and pictures were taken down, the golden antlers were given to the Belle of Louisville for safe keeping, a lot of glass from light fixtures was removed/stored to protect against breakage. But furniture and stateroom mattresses are still in place. The Calliope and keyboard were wrapped up, looking semi-water tight.

I also heard that the crew did a fine job setting her up for lay-up, there were things they wanted to do but ran out of time, but the big stuff got done.

The AQ has been turned over to the government mortgage people.

Now the problem is that the rumor-du-jour has the now stripped/poor shape MQ being sold for her hull and turned into a barge in the near future, though I'm having a hard time with the economics on that one. But if that happens, not sure what is going to happen to the DQ...I also suspect that the wharfage fees in NOLA must be costing Ambassador's a pretty penny, so I would guess the DQ would be moved to a cheaper place if the MQ is sold, but that is pure guess on my part.

Now the West Coast boats, only one I have heard news about, pretty sure it was the Empress of the North, and she was also turned over to the Government mortgage people. But the CQ, the Queen of the West and the Contessa I have heard nothing about, sales or anything else.

I'll step out on a limb ===> say hi to ex-[B][I]Chicago[/I][/B] from Deb and me...

Bill Judd 12-28-2008 11:17 AM

A small correction to Bruno's post. The AQ is at Julia St. and the DQ and MQ are at Perry St. on the West Bank.

Annie Lebeaux 12-28-2008 03:05 PM

Thanks for the info, folks. But I worry about these boats' fate. As a National Historic Landmark, is no one required to keep the DQ in one piece & maintained?

Charlene Corris 12-29-2008 12:39 PM

A good point
Annie - You make a very good point. Her status on the National Historic Register seems to provide her with nothing but the name on the list. It's a status symbol but no guarantees of any kind for her upkeep. Let's hope that Jay Rockefeller steps up to the plate soon. The poor MQ has been literally bounced around with announcements of her return but no one has really cared. Let's hope the new Congress can help here with not just the exemption but allowing the credit situation to be more amenable to new potential owners.

Lexie Palmore 12-29-2008 02:25 PM

Preservation of this country's maritime heritage is up to concerned individuals or communities or owners. The government couldn't care less. That's probably because most people couldn't care less. We are in a teensie tiny minority. Is it not a FACT that this is the first time in well, I guess, since flatboats, that there has been no overnight passenger service on the Mississippi River? And the future looks grim. I can only survive this horror by being in denial. The only hope is that the DQ still exists. Hanging by a thread. She did survive the Great Depression, you know.

Hank Bloomer 12-29-2008 04:53 PM

Speaking of surviving, Lexie, what is the status of the Graceful Ghost?

Lexie Palmore 12-31-2008 02:25 PM

The Graceful ghost is still here at her dock. I have sent out info to several individuals. Many have expressed dismay that we are leaving, and some have even expressed a desire to continue running the boat on Caddo Lake. The problem is the experience required to run it. We will keep it here at Caddo for the time being, even after we move. But eventually, I imagine, it will go somewhere else. Even if I keep it, it will go somewhere else, but not Colorado.

Hank Bloomer 12-31-2008 05:58 PM

Yes, I would imagine that finding someone with the operating experience, the business experience AND the money to buy out and run her is going to take some searching. I can only hope that she ends up somewhere close enough to take an occasional trip on her. I tried real hard to put together an excursion back around Thanksgiving, but couldn't find enough people who had a date open at the same time. C'est la vie. Bon Chance.

Jennifer Lemmon 01-16-2009 03:47 PM

I heard that a picture of the blackboard with Ms. Pat's message to take care of "our" boat was circulating. Thanks for updating info Bruno. I sure miss the boat and my DQ family - passengers and crew alike. Here I am trying to look for a new job...and I DON'T want anything but the wonderful job I had on the Delta Queen. I still have hope.

Jennifer Lemmon
Shore Tour Manager 2007-2008

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