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Renewed Effort to SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN

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Old 12-05-2008, 12:07 PM
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Default Renewed Effort to SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN

As was reported previously three Representatives from Ohio and one from Kentucky have written a letter to President Bush asking him to issue an Executive Order to extend the exemption for the DELTA QUEEN.

I have spoken to an aide in Representative Boehner's office this morning. He said it would also be appropriate for us to urge our own Congressman to join in the letter writing campaign.

Folks, there were 195 Representatives that voted to Recommitt the Coast Guard Reauthorization Bill last April, in essence stating they would like the exemption for the DELTA QUEEN added to the bill.

There is no reason that ALL 195 of these Representatives shouldn't send a letter like Boehner's, Chabot's, Emerson's, and Davis'. Actually there should be more than 195 - as we all should have continued educating our respective Representatives. As a matter of fact finally in August, I got John Yarmuth of Louisville to say in public he would vote for the exemption if we got it back on the floor. So Louisvillians, here's your chance to make him follow up on his promise!

SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN. Get to work now!!!! Don't Delay! Do Your Part Today!!!

I must add that it seems just one phone call or fax is usually is not enough. So please follow up and make sure they have sent the letter. If they need more information such as copies of the 10,000+ signatures on petitions, copies of the 40+ Resolutions that have been passed or even copies of the video's please let me know. We will get it to them promptly.

THANK YOU for your efforts. SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN!!!
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