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DQ last trip video

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Default DQ last trip video

At the risk of spamming (I really don't like spamming, either), I'd like to mention the video I shot of the Last DQ cruise. As you know, I chased the DQ on the entire trip from Cincinnati to Memphis and I've posted a couple of clips on You Tube that you've seen. The imagery has turned out quite well as I shot it in 1080i high definition. There are over 8 hours of footage and, after editing, about 3 hours of good footage. I'd like to put this on DVD but there are a couple of things I'd like to know first.

DVD's hold just over an hour at the highest quality imagery. Once a show gets longer, the quality is reduced. So, I have a couple of options: make a 3 DVD-R set or put the entire thing on BluRay which can hold it all at the best quality. Not many have BluRay players yet (I don't have one yet myself). I can burn BluRay disks from my computer. However, the BR disks cost much more than DVD's so I would have to charge more for them.

What I'd like to know is what your preferences are, DVD-R or BluRay? VHS is no longer an option. DVD-R's have the same quality as replicated DVD's but some older players may not play them. You'll have to look at your player's capability for that. I made some test DVD-R's and they play on all three of my players. I even projected one and it looked fine. Replicated DVD's require a minimum order of 1,000 copies (x 3 if it's a 3 disk set) so I really can't justify making so many. I make the DVD-R's myself.

Also, I'll probably produce this one sans-narration, as the DQ has her own way of talking. I'll use short sub-titles to identify locations but this will be a celebration of the DQ and you already her history. Any thoughts on this?

The audio is pretty good except for the ceremonies at Cincinnati and Memphis where the DQ's own sounds made it difficult to hear the speakers and music from shore. It was particularly bad at Memphis so I'll have to comprise the ceremony to short sequences. I may have to dub the DQ Waltz from an earlier recording and two of those singers were different.

Anyway, I'd appreciate your thoughts on these questions. You can contact me by email at if you prefer that to doing it here.
I hope to get this wrapped up in the next week or two.

-Jim Herron
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