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Bill Judd 11-19-2008 01:51 PM

Trouble ahead??
Now that Obama has picked three cabinet position guess who is being talked as Secretary of Transportation. One James Oberstar and he has river industry support. If this is true it bodes no good for the DQ.

Jo Ann Schoen 11-19-2008 02:20 PM

Awe man! I was hoping if he weren't Committee Chair we could get something out of the committee. So you think he'll be able to wave his big stick even more? What about Obama co-sponsoring the bill in the Senate? Wouldn't that speak rather loudly to the old strong hold hard heads up there?

Matt Sisak 11-19-2008 03:41 PM

President-elect Obama can not help in the Senate......he is no longer a Senator !!!!

Franz Neumeier 11-19-2008 04:02 PM

Well, call me naiv, but I'd say this is good for the Delta Queen - at least given that the new Transportation Committee Chairman is not in the hands of the unions, too ...

Once Oberstar is a member of the government I think his influence on a House Committee is probably not strong enough to do any harm there. Also, imagine this arrogant ... - he'll be so proud of now being a member of the government he'll probably won't spend much time on something below his level ;-)

Ted Guillaum 11-19-2008 05:20 PM

Maybe as part of the President's Cabinet he will be forced to listen to the President more that his union buddies. Obama supports the DQ. I am with Franz. I am hopeful.

Matthew Dow 11-19-2008 05:52 PM

I agree. He's not a Senator, but he's the President now. I think he may have a little more power in the matter than before. Also, he was supportive of the bill before, so why wouldn't he be now?

Jim Blum 11-19-2008 08:32 PM

Obama is a Senator until Sunday, 23 November as I hear tell on NPR, for whatever that is worth.

I intended to propose the following on another thread (what would you for the DQ) but I will now: WE, all of us, WE need to petition the current President to issue an Executive Order to exempt the DQ. I believe that I have read on this board that president elect Obama was in favor of the exemption.

I have also read that the president elect has stated he intends to overturn many of President Bush's EOs. IF President Bush should exempt the DQ would Obama overturn something he states he supports? Remember this is a NO COST proposition. No tax dollars involved, no expansion of government, no EPA report involved, no snail dater harmed.

Would Vicki Webster (who has experience in White House affairs) be willing to coach us on how to do this in the very short time we have left prior to 20 January 09?

What a victory for the thousand of us little people who pay taxes, for the Cities along the Western Rivers, the friends of the DQ around the world, for the thousands of former passengers who rode and love the boat and for those of us who have a very special place in our heart for the priviledge of association with the grand old gal!

Bruno Krause 11-19-2008 08:49 PM

I, too, see this as a good thing. But reality check here...They, they the Senate that they are, will select another dedicated, dyed in the wool, branded on the butt [B][I]democrat[/I][/B] to serve on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and we all know what [B][I]us[/I][/B] democrats think about how we should protect a union, any union...Second, the new Chairman of the House T & I Committe will be coached big time about what is important, what is going on, how to act/react to upcoming issues in front of the committee by the outgoing Chairman, Sir James! And you know he isn't going to conveniently forget about us and our favorite wooden structured boat, he still has to reward his campaign contributers, to the very bitter end (pun intended).

At this stage we can only hope that the person appointed as the new chairman is very, VERY Pro-Delta Queen and has a much more open mind to the [B][I]possiblities[/I][/B], that he or she has their own agenda! But, do not hold your breath...

Bruno Krause 11-19-2008 08:57 PM

Jim, it was suggest we start here to contact our new administartion...check out the link on the forum thread...


I posted, and funny thing, of all the Senators and Representatives that I have contacted in the past year including Hilliary, this was the [B][I]very first that acknowledged[/I][/B] my input. Got a return e-mail today, nothing about the Delta Queen, but hey...Maybe if enough of us ask, we'll get somebodies attention.

Tom Schiffer 11-20-2008 08:11 AM

Hear! Hear! Jim, it sounds like a sensible approach to the situation. Here is something that Bush can easily do and requires no tax dollars or bureaucratic effort beyond his signature. A win-win situation for him. Cap'n Walnut

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