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Shipyard Sam 09-28-2008 01:45 PM

Interest From the Great Lakes
This was forwarded by a friend on the Lakes who was a Mate on the Boblo Ferry:

Subject: Assistance in the Future of the Ste. Claire and Columbia!

I would like to ask for your assistance in helping in the future of the S.S. Ste. Claire and Columbia!

Currently there is passenger steamship named the Delta Queen in Cinncinati, OH. that is facing her final days of operation, if a current bill is not passed by November 1, 2008. She is very similar to our own beloved steamships the S.S. Ste. Claire and S.S. Columbia, made predominantly of wood and operated by steam. Since 1966 she has faced many battles with legislation and subsequently the Coast Guard with laws that were passed and intended for ocean-gong ships and not riverboats. If she is able to continue operation after Nov. 1, 2008, if would not only keep her on the river and not face the damage of sitting idle as our sister ships have/are, but it could also help the owners of both the Ste. Claire and Columbia and give them more options in how they may proceed with restorations and the future operation of the ships!

I am asking all of you, since you all should have a soft spot in your heart for a steamship(s) that has given you some very fond memories and joy, to take a few moments of your time this week, to visit the Delta Queen's website, and contact your state senators to support Legislation S. 3498!

The Delta Queen's website is [url=]Save the steamboat Delta Queen | a private initiative to support this historic landmark[/url]

To contact each of your own state senators, you may log onto [url=]U.S. Senate[/url], in the right hand upper corner, put in your state, and you will receive the contact information for your senators.

Thank you,

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