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Oberstar seen in the St. Louis area

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This reminds me of when I used to blow the exhaust whistle I built for my 1973 Pontiac Ventura 350 at passing trains and having them blow their horns back. I was a full 20 dB louder than the car's stock horn and had an audible range of at least 2 miles. It sounded like a genuine steam whistle rather than one of those skinny Aermore exhaust whistles, since it was of similar scale to a small steam whistle.

I particularly remember the time I blew it in Lytle Park Tunnel in Cincinnati to hear the echo. There was no one in the tunnel except for a semi almost out of site ahead of me. When I blew the whistle his brake lights came on for a second or two. Needless to say, I was much more careful when and where I blew the whistle after that.

On another occasion I blew it on Van Meter Street and heard the echos come off all of the downtown buildings. On many occasions I would follow KY Route 8 and sound it along the way between Bromley and up the Point Pleasant Road hill towards the Greater Cincinnati International Airport (Cincinnati/Northern KY International). Maybe some on the board living in that area during the mid to late 1970s remember hearing it. I tried to upload a sound file of it, but found wav files are not allowed.

This led to having my much louder 20" toroidal whistle built and tested at the airport in July of 1982. The two days of tests were audible from Hebron, Florence, Erlanger and Ft. Mitchell, KY as well as Delhi, OH.
YouTube - acoustics101's Channel

We also did a demonstration for DES officials in 1985 in Big Bone Lick State Park. Some people two miles down the road at first thought it was on TV, but sonn discovered the tones were coming from outside their houses. They said they couldn't even hear their own community's fire siren, which was much nearer that well from inside their houses.

Maybe some of you who lived in these areas remember hearing these tests. We had press releases prepared for the tests at the airport, but airport officials didn't want the press at the secure site of the tests. We didn't feel a press release was necessary for the Big Bone demonstation.

Originally Posted by David Dewey View Post
I've got a bunch of Stanley stories--here's a Steamboat related one:
At one of the annual fall Sacramento Delta steamboat meets (see pic) one guy brought his '17 Stanley Touring, and was giving rides down the levee road. I was in the back seat, and noticed one of those jacked up 4WD trucks coming up on us fast. About that time one of the steamboats whistled at us, and our driver whistled back. This, of course, sent a huge plume of steam out the back of the car too. I never saw a truck shrink so fast! The poor kid musta stood on his brakes!
BTW, the 1907 "Gentleman's Speedy Roadster" was advertised as "capable of 70mph on a good road."
David D.
PS chose this dock pic because it shows one of the two paddlewheelers that were there in '06
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