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An Update from the Washington Office

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Default An Update from the Washington Office

Wednesday was a good reality check. I was joined by Michele, Sally, Laurie and Sally's son Bill. Together we represented Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia and Tennessee. An aide in Rep. Van Hollenís office was very helpful with some insights as to how we might redirect our efforts with a focus on the National Landmark/National Register status of the boat. He also hinted that having failed once in a procedural vote that we are not likely to overcome that 13 vote margin, and in fact the margin will likely widen on subsequent tries in the House. We are definitely up against Rep. Oberstar and his committee. The time-honored traditions of seniority are not in our favor. It was a very frank and candid discussion.

Michele, Sally, Laurie and Sallyís son Bill and I then made the rounds to Reps. Clyburn, Hoyer and Pelosiís office. Sally gets Miss Congeniality for her efforts to schmooze any and all who might talk with us in the halls and office, including on the elevators! She even tried an alliance with the anesthesiologists based on her conversation with one of them while we were in the elevator Ė what a trooper! Sally also walked into Rep. Heath Schulerís office and managed to speak briefly with him. Unfortunately we couldnít find her camera in time to get a picture. Michele also stopped to see a cousin who works in in Rep. Paul Hode's office (D-NH). An aide spoke briefly with us while we were there.

I parted with Team DQ before they went to visit Sen. Specterís office and count the signatures on the petitions. Later, Michele and Laurie reported that they were able to speak with Alex in Sen. Specter's office. Alex appreciated the background information since he has been receiving e-mails and letters in support of the Delta Queen. Michele and Laurie felt encouraged by this conversation.

My thanks to all of you for coordinating this work out there in the field, and to Michele, Laurie, Sally and Bill who volunteered time to travel to Washington to make our voices heard. Vicki Webster has done a great job. Our latest delivery to Congress included spiffy red folders with lots of important fact sheets, prepared by Vicki.

Upward and onward.

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