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What is happening with the sale?

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Old 05-26-2008, 05:49 PM
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Default What is happening with the sale?

In another thread, in another forum, Paul Penta raised the question about the sale of Majestic America Line's boats. I guess Deb and I are overly curious and a bit self-serving at this point: what is the skuttlebut? Anything out there that anybody dares to report? And Deb and I don't want the dirty lowdown, we just want to know if we should hold out to book 2009 DQ or AQ (or for that matter CQ) reservations...

And Please, if you want to respond to this thread, DO NOT mention any potential buyers by name, hometown, nickname or the like... But words like "progress is being made" or "financial contracts are being reviewed by lawyers" or something like that...somebody needs to throw us a bone...

I know all of us have to pick our words carefully, especially about how us Steamboatin' Officiandos feel about past owners. This should be a SELLING exercise for us to the potential new owners, and we should check all bitchin' at the door. Quite frankly, at this stage, I don't care one iota about what Majestic did or didn't do, what they did wrong or right. To be honest there are some things that Majestic did over Delaware North that were damn nice, real nice, and Deb and I really appreciated some changes... but then again some of it was what the hey????... we have to be careful, the new potential owners NEED to know that we need the boats, that we will support the boats, that we dream about the boats, that we adore the boats, we can't live without the boats (Ok, maybe that is going a bit far, or is it?...)...Can the potential new owners see me waving our Visa card with an overextended arm? Do the potential new owners realize that most of us have our next year cruises (Yes, that IS multiple cruises, with an "s"...!) usually picked out by this time in the year, and some would have even reserved by now, gotta get the best staterooms, you know? A year or more in advance for reservations is what Deb and I typically have done every year for all our DQ/AQ trips....

I guess the point of my thread is to find out if any progress has been made to purchase any and all of Majestic's boats (Majestic's BOATS...hee-hee-hee). I guess my friend Paul opened up a huge topic. Deb and I are sitting here with credit card in extended hand, all dressed up, and nowhere to go in 2009...My friend Paul wants to sing, to play, to open himself up to passenger abuse, (and quite frankly there are about one hundred crew that we would like the excuse to observe their performance) and we damn well want to spend our retirement dollars to do it! Abuse our buddy Paul, that is... :-)

And then there is the issue, a huge issue, that there are a large amount of our friends, fellow passengers AND crew, that we worry that we will never see again if the DQ (or AQ, or MQ for that matter) stops movin'. I have had at least two conversations about booking the River Explorer for 2009 with a fellow river rat couple. If the Majestic boats stop, you betcha, Deb and I will become familiar with Mr. Wally real fast...I mean, what are us river rats far and wide, STEAMBOATIN' GROUPIES all, to do? And yes, we're with you, we know the River Explorer is a bazillion miles away from steam...but, if the "DQ Boats" don't run, I guess we have no choice...It ain't the steam, even though steam is awful nice....It's the RIVER, dammit...

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