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What I just FAXed Oberstar, your turn!

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Old 02-24-2008, 12:52 PM
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Default What I just FAXed Oberstar, your turn!

This is what I just sent him, let us swamp him with FAXEs, maybe we can at least get him to let our bill out of committee! FAX: 202-225-0699
David D.
Hon. James Oberstar,
I am writing you today because you are making a decision that will have long-term effects on Americans far beyond your area of representation. What I find most disturbing is that your present stand is directly opposite of the stand and vote you made a little over a year ago. I can only conclude that you have been influenced by people who either are misinformed or have other agendas. Although I would like to change your mind on the exemption for the Delta Queen, what I really am asking you to do it to allow the democratic process that makes America so great to go forward and allow the entire house to vote on Representative Chabot’s bill HR 3852. Let the house decide this issue, it is the fair, the American way, for government to represent the people.
Now as to the Delta Queens’ safety; to call the Delta Queen a danger is to not know the boat, nor the issues. The biggest danger one has when going on a Delta Queen cruise is getting to the boat! The DQ is fully fire suppressed, including a state-of-the-art sprinkler system, fire-resistant paint developed by NASA, a watchperson on duty at all times, a fully trained and tested crew, including the service staff. It uses technology that was not available 40 years ago when the SOLAS legislation was written. It is time to recognize these advances in safety.
In 80 years, never has anyone had to leave the boat because of fire, nor has anyone died from any incident. Not only is the boat safe (safer than my own home), she is taller than the rivers she runs, is always minutes from beaching on a bank (which she is designed to do), and every passenger room has exits onto the deck; there are no endless passageways to run through for escape as on most passenger ships.
Stopping the boat from running will immediately eliminate 170 American jobs on board the boat, and many more in land-based support services, plus all the riverside businesses that rely on the boat's passengers for their livelihood. Not only will we lose a piece of American history; we will lose a real prosperity engine.

David Dewey

Last edited by David Dewey; 02-24-2008 at 12:53 PM. Reason: Added Oberstar's phone number
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