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Franz Neumeier 08-04-2007 03:15 AM

Cincinnati Post article with more details
A Cincinnati post article, written by staff reporter Greg Paeth, seams to be the first media coverage from a reporter that in fact did his own research, talking to people (including Virginia Bennett) and even got a statement from Majestic America Line: [URL][/URL]

Very interesting to read.

One part of the article particularily doesn't sound encouraging at all: "(...) But the company did not encourage steamboat fans or anyone else to get involved in an effort to convince Congress to grant another waiver. Ricard [MAL PR spokesperson] said she could not comment about whether the company would support such an effort. She also said she would not speculate about whether the company would operate the boat beyond 2008 if it received the Congressional waiver."

The really sad thing from my point of view is this: If Majestic is not interested in running the boat after 2008 they most likely won't sell it to someone else either - at least not for operation as an overnight passenger vessel. From a coldhearted business perspective this indeed makes no sense as it will start competition for the MQ and AQ - something Majestic for sure won't like to have.

Jim Herron 08-04-2007 05:31 AM

It seems to me that MAL needs to be asked for an official statement to about this. If they will not operate it or sell it to another operator, then we need to organize a Boycott MAL initiative.

I note in the newspaper article that AI just had their annual shareholders meeting. I wonder if the DQ was mentioned or if any shareholders raised the issue.

The article also says,"Todd Lindgren, communications manager for U.S. Rep. Steve Chabot, R-1st District, said the waiver for the Delta Queen had been attached to a Coast Guard re-authorization bill when the proposed legislation was sent to the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

But when the bill emerged from the committee, the waiver for the boat had been deleted. Lindgren said the full House has not yet acted on the bill.

He also said the waiver has been attached to a similar bill in the Senate that has not yet been discussed in committee.

"It's still early in the process. It seems like it's kind of premature," Lindgren said of Majestic America's announcement that it has, in effect, given up on its effort to secure the waiver."

Who deleted the DQ exemption? Why did they do it? Why has MAL "given up" before the senate version has emerged?

Change the swan to a snake. Most people see it that way, anyway.

Pat Traynor 08-04-2007 06:58 AM

You're right on target there, Jim!

I'm sure that MAL is already sharpening their pencils to figure how much they can charge us for the "special" trips next year (my opinion). We are to pay dearly to go on a trip to celebrate (?) the death of our beloved DELTA QUEEN - and we get to do this on a boat that is considered unsafe by the US Coast Guard, and obviously by MAL also, or they would be fighting tooth and nail to get the exemption.

If booking these trips next year would help the DQ in any way, I'm sure we would all book right away - but this is only a ploy for MAL to make more money (my opinion). Just re-read their Press Release - it drips with $$$signs and BS! The sooner they could get the exemption denied, the longer they have to market their new product: CELEBRATE THE DEMISE OF THE DQ.

In my opinion, MAL will not operate her next year, no matter what - and they surely won't sell her to someone who will! Maybe it's just best for her to retire quietly with dignity at the end of this season, rather than be a part of the farce they are planning.

Judy Patsch 08-04-2007 07:48 AM

The union(s) role
I believe there were, at one time, two unions affiliated with the boats, so I won't just say THE union. But I wonder if anyone at the unions has thought of this. This is MY OPINION. [B]The union(S) opposition is playing right into MAL's hand!([/B]in my opinion) [B]This is exactly what MAL wanted[/B](in my opinion) - someone to fight the exemption, someone to be the scapegoat. [B]Instead of PUNISHING MAL, the union(s) are HELPING MAL in laying up the DQ[/B](in my opinion). If the union(s) really wanted to retaliate for getting busted by MAL, they should go to Congress and SUPPORT the exemption!(in my opinion) [B][U]Anybody from the union(s) reading this??? [/U][/B]Please rethink your plans! You have been suckered into MAL's corner(in my opinion)

Judy Patsch 08-04-2007 07:54 AM

'08 Farewell $ea$on
[ Maybe it's just best for her to retire quietly with dignity at the end of this season, rather than be a part of the farce they are planning.[/QUOTE] Yes, Pat, I sadly agree with you. I hope they don't reschedule her for a grand farewell tour, as currently she is not to come up on the UMR in '08. When she left here last month, I took pix and froze the sight in my mind, thinking it could be her last time here. I want no part of the obvious money-making schemes MAL has concocted for next year. The DELTA QUEEN lives on in our hearts, MAL can't take that away from us! But we can keep our $$$$ from them. Hell hath no fury than a lover scorned, or something like that!

Franz Neumeier 08-04-2007 10:55 AM


you can't organize a boycott - this is an illegal act, causing financial damage to Majestic America Line with the consequence that they will sue everyone involved in organizing a boycott ...


Jim Herron 08-04-2007 11:31 AM

I guess so, Franz, so I'll probably just pass up my next planed cruise. That's a personal decision.

I started a new thread about organization of the effort to save the DQ. Any and all responses welcomed. We need for someone with clout to take charge of the effort and really get something organized, provided that its at all feasable. Does anyone know what the DQ really costs to operate and maintain?

Judy Patsch 08-04-2007 01:15 PM

Check this out
This is on the Yahoo finance message board in the AMIE category. Obviously .orgers aren't the only ones with doubts about veracity from this company (in my opinion)!
[url][/url] Actually, you need to check out the entire thread (in my opinion) Go to Yahoo finance, type in AMIE, and then click on message boards on the left to get the whole thread.

Lexie Palmore 08-04-2007 01:38 PM

Since when is boycotting illegal? It's been going on for ages. Governments do it, individuals do it, all over the world. If I choose to boycott MAL, I'm not breaking any law that I know of, even if I organize some friends to go in on it with me. What is the law you are referring to.

Franz Neumeier 08-04-2007 02:06 PM


the big difference is that Yahoo finance has a whole department of excellent laywers and very big pockets. They can stand a multi-million-dollar law-suit. I can't.


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