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What Have Each Of Us Done

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Old 08-03-2007, 09:52 AM
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Default What Have Each Of Us Done

I started a new thread here, so we wouldn't get lost down in other threads what we each are doing at this point. Remember I'm the cheerleader and my job is to keep us motivated. (Unfortunately, the boss will be back next week and I'll probably have to step aside and give up my position to someone who isn't holding down a full time job)!

1) I've been on the phone again this morning with my local reps office. The gal today seemed much more interested and asked lots of questions, but when I mentioned Union, she kinda went "ohhhhh".

2) I've called the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The gal there referred me to the Maritime Preservation Information Sheet, but I didn't see anything helpful. She did ask me to send her an email, which I did along with an attachment of my letter to the Congressmen on MAL's list.

She also suggested maybe we could petition to get the DELTA QUEEN on the "Most Endangered" list - which doesn't come out until May. And I suggested to her that she get on as there was a wealth of information there along with our petition.

3) I've called the National Park Service - who is the keeper of the National Historic Landmark List. That gal took my name and number and said she would have someone call me right back.

4) Yesterday I also brought our plight to the attention of a large local Marine Service, who I will be meeting with this weekend to discuss what if anything they can do or help with.

What I still intend to do:

1) I will be writing a letter to a very wealthy man in Indiana who helped save the West Baden Springs Hotel recently for his thoughts, suggestions and support.

2) I will be contacting the Louisville Courier Journal who ran a story about the exemption coming up back a month or so ago.

Yes, it feels like a death in the family. I didn't eat much yesterday and didn't sleep much last night. And then this morning, I made the mistake of reading some of Captain Mike's log. That brought tears BIG TIME. Click on and read the June 25, 2002 entry. You don't have a pulse if you can read that and it doesn't bring a lump to your throat!

Good luck. GO! GO! GO!

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