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BARBARA H on ebay

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Default BARBARA H on ebay

In case some of you have seen the BARBARA H listed on ebay, I just wanted to explain why it is for sale so that the rumor mill doesn't go too far astray.

We had to make the difficult decision to put the boat on the market after we received a letter from the National Park Service on December 8th. It stated that we were not selected as a recipient of the $310,000 Save America's Treasures grant that we had requested for replating the BARBARA H's hull.

Our non-profit has been searching for grants to replate the hull since 2002. We were not in a hurry at that time, because the hull seemed to be in fairly good condition. Even so, we began looking for grants because we knew it needed to be done within 8 years or so. In 2002 the bids for replating the hull were about $100,000. Only 3 years later, the bids had more than doubled to $204,000! Why? China! China's demand for U.S. steel has forced steel prices up by +200% just since 2002. Back in 2002, who would have guessed?

It was not until our recent dry-docking in September 2005 that we discovered more problems that made this a time-critical issue. This January we re-doubled our efforts and hit all the federal and local granting org's again. John Briley had confered with us in 2003 about grants for the SNYDER, and we had suggested the Save America's Treasures grant. We were delighted that they won their SAT grant in October, 2005. This seemed like good news for us, since our situation is nearly identical to that of the SNYDER's. So we tried for an SAT grant, but did not make cut this time. So rather than sit and wait through another 2 years of grant cycles, we made the difficult decision to see if the boat will sell.

The ebay listing is more or less an expiriment to see what the market is like before I run a few ads in trade journals. It is likely that the boat will not sell, in which case I may fall back to the only affordable option, and that is to fill the 2 worst compartments with marine foam. This is not the most desirable method, but it's better than sinking. If we had the $204,000 needed to take her to JeffBoat, we would be on the way there tomorrow. We don't want to sell, and in any event we will continue to have a landing here at Lamb, Indiana.

For those who have not seen the listing, it is here:
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