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Bill Judd 02-03-2018 10:54 AM

Inland River Record
To all my real river crew, the passing of Dan Owen leaves a real empty place in our hearts and in his favorite book, The Inland River Record. The WJ needs to find the only person to continue that book. That my friends is going to be a hard job. If you have suggestions, write or call the WJ. Having been a working riverman and a "some what" river historian my choice is Capt. David Smith. I swear David knows river happenings even before they happen.

Judy Patsch 02-04-2018 08:55 AM

When did Dan pass? I knew he had been in weak condtiion..

Jim Blum 02-05-2018 06:52 PM

Yes, somewhat off topic however the current Preservation News, Winter 2017 issue has listed as Threatened POINT COUNTERPOINT II, the 1976 launched 195 ft self propelled barge that has been up for sale for a reported 2 million USD. Up to now no takers and according to a letter by published in August 2017 by cellist the owner (Robert Austin Boudreau) plans to sell it for scrap.

Jim Blum 02-05-2018 06:56 PM

The Preservation News is a National Trust For Historic Preservation Publication & the cellist is Yo-Yo-Ma. Sorry for errors.

Steve Huffman 02-08-2018 04:02 PM

Judy, Dan passed on January 30th. He had a stroke in August and seemed to be on the road to recovery, but unfortunately began having complications.

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