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Bill Judd 07-27-2017 08:49 PM

Well I am not on there. Keep us old timers informed.

Judy Patsch 07-28-2017 06:52 AM

In capital letters
If I could get my boat names in titles to show up capitalized, Bill! :-)
We had a horrible deluge last Friday from LaCrosse on down through here, which raised river levels 3 to 5 ft. overnight. While you Ohio River people are used to that, this doesn't happen on the UMR. There are 2 structures below the QuadCities which have posed a problem in the past for the QUEENS: the Hannibal rr lift bridge and the newer highway bridge in Burlington. But I don't know the facts on their clearances, so I just always deal with our I-280 bridge at mile 475. Its clearance at pool (2.5) is 62.5. Our crest came Tuesday at 15.8, which was almost 2 feet lower than predicted. Even so, that would have given 49.2 ft. clearance and the AQ needs 55 and she was due here Wednesday. So I was pretty confident when I predicted her need for a rerouting, which of course did happen. And when I saw the predictions for next week's river levels, I predicted she'd try to get up to RedWing next week so that she'd be back on schedule for her RedWing roundtrip and the subsequent downbound RedWing/Alton trip. This of course is what is going to happen. It takes no genius, just good math skills and common sense.

Jim Blum 07-28-2017 09:03 AM

While at the same time the USCG, Sector Upper Mississippi River has closed the UMR mile 722.5 to mile 723.5 (as of 27 July 17) due shoaling!.......until USACE surveys etc and dredging. How long this closure will last I have no idea and no hard information.

Jim Reising 07-28-2017 09:46 AM

I remember Hoarse Lyle once said, "Bob McCann and I would be put in jail for a long time if the ICC ever found out how we got the boat out of town". In order to get the cash to pay for those standing beef roasts, they "barrowed" funds from the escrow account. Back then (and I think today also) monies paid by passengers for an upcoming trip had to be kept in escrow and, I believe, were released 1/3 on departure, 1/3 at the trips halfway point, and the final third upon completion of the trip.

Judy Patsch 07-28-2017 11:09 AM

[QUOTE=Jim Blum;36648]While at the same time the USCG, Sector Upper Mississippi River has closed the UMR mile 722.5 to mile 723.5 (as of 27 July 17) due shoaling!.......until USACE surveys etc and dredging. How long this closure will last I have no idea and no hard information.[/QUOTE]
That's just below Winona, right? Amazing, too much water in one place, not enough in another!

R. Dale Flick 07-28-2017 07:45 PM

*Lyle, McCann/ICC laws/Money*
Jim, the above is one great story about Horace Lyle and Bob McCann juggling the passenger account money to "pay for those standing rib roasts." And that wasn't all. What's the old wag? "It isn't what you do it's what you get away with." Things were really on thin ice financially until the GREENE LINE saw the DELTA QUEEN booked full for the Mardi Gras trip kicking off the new season. Bob McCann was a stickler for financial solvency and good records. The old story about Bob going in on a Saturday morning to audit the books searching for the missing 14 cents all too true. Today's DQ fans wouldn't believe the miserably low wages most of the crew were paid back then. Betcha' it won't happen now if/when the DQ is ever reentered into service. That and living/working conditions aboard. Younger men and women today for the most part work on the river or around in support services for the wages and benefits--not for dubious old time steamboat romance. Many learned their lesson quickly in their work on the boat.

Bob MCCann slaved to save pennies to make dollars. In later years, with new managment and reorganization, they jumped over dollars to save pennies. And more than one big bright idea hatched laid a costly bomb. I often have wondered if later owning corporations were using the company and DELTA QUEEN for one big write-off and tax advantage. Today the huge 'blue water' cruise lines juggle millions of dollars $$ in future passenger deposits. I know the GREENE LINE also welcomed those deposits for trips on the GORDON and DELTA QUEEN. That deposit money held can earn a nice sum in interest.

You remember those ICC laws where no trip by the DELTA QUEEN was to arrive in Cincinnati, dock at the wharfboat--or later landing--until just after 12:00 midnight. The DQ would hurry up river to keep on schedule; then paw the water slowly below Cincinnati or even steam up river and turn around to meet the ICC landing time regulation. YOU were there then and knew while WE are all here now. What do I know?

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.

Judy Patsch 07-28-2017 11:20 PM

Delaying arrival
I don't know if it still happens, but the Queens fooled around and didn't dock at Robin St. until after midnight to avoid paying an extra day's docking fee. I don't know how much the fee was, but considering fuel costs and antsy crew wanting to hit the FQ.....

R. Dale Flick 08-01-2017 12:24 PM

*QUEEN's fooling around/Docking fees*
Greetings, Steamboating colleagues:
Judy, I know you're right about the QUEEN's "fooling around" before docking at Robin Street wharf--although I never saw it myself down there. No doubt it was those ICC rules they had in mind. Jim Reising one who knows/remembers much of that having been a DELTA QUEEN Purser. And Jim heard/learned much from Chief Purser Bob McCann. Another 'official' Jim Reising and I remember was the ellusive 'Smoke abatement officer' who used to lurk watching the DQ and AVALON steaming in and out to check the smoke from their stacks. Even big, newer diesel tows navigating Cincinnati waters were watched for emissions. Those photos of the DQ belching out clouds of black smoke seldom seen other than for some PR photo opt--and Betty Blake even got flak on that herself.

I do know that the big 'blue water' babies docked in New York, Miami, New Orleans, Fort Lauderdale, San Francisco, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Seattle etc. etc. fight the high docking fees, services, wages for the longshoremen. The money angle also came in even with the new Cincinnati Public Landing for the DQ, AQ, MQ and other passenger cruise boats now. The politicos wanted the glory and honor of the boats docked in Cincinnati and doing business, but also wanted to hit them with fees. Don Sanders, Bob Reynolds, Bill Judd, Jim Blum, Doc Hawley no doubt know lots more. There were [Are?] fresh water mains at/near the landing in Cincinnati for fresh water. I've seen big DEMPSTER DUMPERS down there for boat garbage and trash but no idea if Cincinnati offers this service or the boats are charged for it. Who knows?

Then the Cincinnati politicos got nasty over parking cars down there with road blocks, police and 'hire a cop' to thwart people and even passengers from getting down to the DELTA QUEEN in cars. Taxis even got the 3rd degree with tour buses loaded with passengers and their luggage being questioned. You had to have a boat cruise ticket or a parking pass or official reason like making a delivery or a service person called to work on something on a boat. Again, the Cincinnati Public Landing now but a ghost of its former self. Don Sanders and I loved the old landing and the surrounding neighborhood reminiscent of Charles Dickens or Stephen Foster. Capt. Doc Hawley called it "The finest sloped and paved wharf on any river in the United States." I'm glad I saw it, lived it, experienced it when I did. Now, I don't know what I've said in all the above other than, as usual, what do I know?

R. Dale Flick
From the northern shores of mighty Lake Michigan - summer.

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