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R. Dale Flick 08-19-2016 02:54 PM

*New direction for liner UNITED STATES?*
Steamboating colleagues,
I wasn't sure where to fit the above on a thread but the long-languishing liner SS UNITED STATES was and still is one very BIG steamboat. Recent press releases RE: plans for the long laid up Atlantic liner were quickly altered. Plans by current CRYSTAL CRUISE LINE to totally renovate, re-equip, modernize the 1952 built ship as a cruise liner have been called off. The ship, docked in the port of Philadelphia to the cost of $60,000 per month, had exams to reveal her hull in sound shape internally and under water outside. The proposal then to get the ship running would require a total replacement of her current steam boiler/turbine system to diesel or diesel electric. The interior of the ship had previously been totally gutted out due to danger from tons of dangerous asbestos installed in her initial building along with new wiring, plumbing, heat/air-conditioning. All of her lifeboats had been sold, removed from her boat deck years ago.

CRYSTAL announced the technical and commercial alterations too costly in this day and age that would also have changed the ship's initial historical design. CRYSTAL ended their involvement with a $350,000 donation along with all technical studies, tests, plans, designs, fuel and salt water ballast tanks to the 'UNITED STATES Conservancy' which will continue their quest on the project now focusing on "a stationary mixed use development" to contain a museum of materials, art, relics from the ship. On September 17 a scheduled reunion of former officers, crew, passengers planned in the port of Philadelphia. I 'walked' the ship in New York years ago prior to sailing on the then old QUEEN ELIZABETH docked next to the UNITED STATES. She was some ship totally modern, sleek inside and out. Seeing her steaming at sea at high speed with her cruiser stern buried in the water a great sight.
Good luck to the 'UNITED STATES Conservancy' in their attention to the ship. Cheers!

R. Dale Flick
Summer from the northern shores of mighty lake Michigan.

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