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Judy Patsch 07-03-2016 08:48 AM

Viking Cruises 2017-18 brochure
Somehow I'm on their mailing list and so I received this brochure. It actually just has schedules and prices for '17, not '18, but there is NO mention of Mississippi River cruises. They are branching out to ocean cruises with several ships however. I have a feeling if I wait on the levee for the ROBT. E. LEE I'll be just as successful as if I were waiting for a Viking longship on the UMR ;-)

Russ Ryle 07-03-2016 09:57 AM

re: Another market available and ripe for the picking ... :)
Morning Judy and all,

Happy and safe Independence Day to all.

I smell an increasingly undeserved market for good old fashion steamboat cruising. Where the big boys don't play there is good water in which relatively smaller nietch companies can flourish. Better yet, it will be right in the DQ's back yard.

Keep your steam up, soon.

Best regards,

Russ Ryle

Mike Washenko 07-05-2016 06:37 PM

I`ll agree to the DQ having that.

Carmen 09-20-2016 10:42 AM

Latest news from / about Viking see [URL=""]here[/URL].


Bob Reynolds 09-20-2016 12:06 PM

I still think they have bitten off a little more than they can chew. Looking at the boat pictured, I see all those big windows right down to the waterline on the main and second decks. Experience tells me they won't be too long into the first season before they'll knock out a window or two with some trees. The lack of a landing stage has been mentioned before. Capt. Hawley tells me the boats will draw about 11 feet...tough to get to some landings with that kind of draft. The list goes on, and the Jones Act regulations will be their biggest hurdle.

Carmen 09-21-2016 01:23 AM

Iīm not quite sure which parts of the Jones Act they donīt want to obey. They do have an investment company which is supposed to own the boats. Thatīs US. If they do find a shipyard... and crew... that leaves the problem that the operating company is not US. But that can be solved by founding Viking River Cruises America - as NCL did for Hawaii. The major problem seems to be the shipyard.


Judy Patsch 09-21-2016 08:32 AM

Unexpected regulatory problems?
Why were these problems unexpected? Had they not read the Jones Act? Or did they just presume they could bowl over the authorities to allow them to ignore the Act? They do come in to towns very blustery and overwhelming with their promises. Local authorities, at least in Davenport, fell for it hook, line, and sinker, but thank goodness the federal level didn't, yet. As Carmen mentions, they have a company in the US organized, isn't it in L.A.? to cover being a US entity, or so they thought. I think the shipyard issue is monetary - the costs of building in the US must be substantially more than if they could build elsewhere and ship over. It does seem strange that our buddy Charles has been so intent on keeping the DQ out, yet hasn't apparently fought against the Viking incursion...could he have planned to build their ships in his yards, but maybe now is having second thoughts about the competition he'd be helping to create???? And Bob, that 11 foot draft would be a challenge in the channel up here, not just at landings (unless we continue to have season-long flooding and high water like this year).

R. Dale Flick 09-21-2016 08:41 AM

*VIKING/Jones Act/New builds*
Morning, steamboating colleagues:
Interesting, very interesting reading the article RE: VIKING including thinking on the Jones Act. I've also been receiving VIKING literature/publications here for several years. Interesting how they picked up names, addresses for this. I think I receive here on/around eight or more mailings from river and ocean cruise lines.

Speculations here interesting but don't count VIKING out as other information has been quietly circulating regarding their plans, yards already contacted to submit plans "based on the needs and rivers in the United States." Opinions, professional experience on their proposed boats have been solicited from several river people, companies here. Several U.S. Congressional representative have in the recent past addressed a number of issues contained in the Jones Act and I believe Sen. John McCain was possibly one. Time will tell and all we can do is wait. Cheers!

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati

Mark McCracken 09-21-2016 10:05 AM

Don't Underestimate
My wife and I attended a Viking presentation at our local AAA office. I specifically asked about Viking and the Mississippi River system. The gentleman was straight forward. Viking River Cruises is doing much more than thinking about or kicking the tires on the U.S. river system. They have navigated difficult political waters in China and Russia. After listening to their presentation, I am convinced that Viking River Cruises are coming to the U.S. and they will be a force in the industry. One hint is they do EVERYTHING in house. They control every aspect of their operation and accordingly they deliver a superior product. One thing is for sure, they will not operate like their competition, they will be different.

Jim Reising 09-21-2016 10:37 AM

The Jones Act was enacted in 1920, it is a complex law with no simple explanations. We all know of two particular boats, which were completed in 1927....therefore built under the confines of the Jones Act....which were fabricated in a foreign country (Scotland) but constructed in the US (Sacremento). My Toyota is advertised as built in America (Georgetown, Ky.) but 60% of its parts are from foreign sources. Perhaps Viking can have most of the parts fabricated in Europe then have the parts welded together in a US shipyard.......if they do that is that ship foreign or American built? Not a simple question is it?
Try buying an American made TV, ship to shore radio, radar, chartplotter, an American made light bulb, or hundreds of other parts that will go into a passenger vessel. The Rhine River boat I cruised on had Italian marble in its foryer. Something as complex as a passenger vessel, in this day and time, can not be 100% "American Made". So what's the difference between equipping the vessel with a Chinese made radar or French built prefab staterooms? I told you it was complex.
American regulations can look simple on the surface, but the devil is in the details. That's why there are so many lawyers. I can well understand how a company can run into regulatory problems. Believe me every phase of getting into the passenger boat business in the US has layers and layers of regulations.

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