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Sounds like Viking PR and purpose

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Old 01-25-2016, 06:17 AM
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*European 'flap boards'/ 'Peep lights'*
Morning, Steamboating colleagues:
Dan, thanks for you insights on European river navigation explaining what I saw...or thought I saw...on the Rhine, Danube, Dneiper, Rhone, Seine etc. Also, "if one of our 12,000 hp boats departed Rotterdam upbound with 49 barges" would see all the water sucked out of the channel--well perhaps not that dramaltic but you get the point. Rivers there also run with fast currents. It's a whole diifferent world. Many cargo river vessels combination of large barge with high bow, engine and living compartments at the stern. Again, VIKING RIVER, UNIWORLD and other sleek, new cruise boats have those high ship bows with no swinging stages. Midship port/starboard gangway doors for passengers, loading supplies etc. landed against the stone or concrete 'quays.' If VIKING RIVER pursues their current designs for any proposed cruise vessels here they'll learn a big lesson and fast. I got chills seeing rows of passenger cabin windows down low on the hull just at waterline. Our Coast Guard will no doubt never let that fly here.

I did take day trips aboad sleek excursion boats on the Volga and Dneiper in Russia and the Ukraine seeing tow boats very similar to ours perhaps not so big pushing barges. Seeing boats, locks and damns, I had camera in hand. "Nyet photographien!" I was shouted at by 'certain people' guarding the locks and dams. For a moment I thought I'd end up cracking rock in the Siberian gulag. I think you get the idea. Back then in Kiev I questioned our translator/quide "Why are there no swimmers in the water at the beach over there?" Maria just looked hard, rolled her eyes and pointed upstream saying "Chernoble" meaning site of the nuclear meltdown disaster several years prior. YIKES! Again, I learned what I didn't know.

R. Dale Flick
Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati
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