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Wayne White 01-13-2015 05:36 PM

Goldenrod Showboat Update
Just wanted to check in with a small update on the Goldenrod. There has been quite a few changes in the last month or so. As you all know Jake Medford has led the effort to save this historic legendary boat from going to the scrap pile. Without Jake's efforts this would have probably occurred. Jake was asked to take on more of the business side of the effort and was elected as Vice President of the Historic Riverboat Preservation Association recently. With this move i was asked if i would assume the Lead Caretaker role in which i gladly accepted.I hope i can do as great of a job as Jake has done. We recently added four caretakers who's responsibilities will be the overall security and maintenance of the boat while fund raising efforts continue. The organization also has a team working on fund raising and researching of the boats history. I hope the new year brings many great things for the Historic Legendary Goldenrod Showboat. Rest assured we are working hard on seeing her restored.I will try to check in more often with updates. As i know many of you are interested in the efforts to save this historic boat. Also those of you who live in the St Louis area Channel nine will be running a segment that they recorded aboard the Goldenrod back in September. Here is that info and i hope you can catch it. Tune in to Living St. Louis at 7pm on Monday, January 26th for the first Goldenrod Showboat segment on the Nine Network

carole matthews 01-13-2015 05:56 PM

Goldenrod Showboat
Wayne Glad to hear the GREAT news an thanks for posting. Hope the fundraiser was a whopping success. One day soon maybe she will be all restored an beautiful again.It is a daunting task but Jake you Hugh an the others can do it.THREE CHEERS an keep going.Carole Matthews Pompano Beach Fla 33064.

Judy Patsch 01-14-2015 10:50 AM

Current location
Wayne, I presume she is still moored there in Kampsville? Have you come to an agreement with the landowner? As I recall there had been a threat to have her removed from that site.

Wayne White 01-15-2015 07:51 AM

Judy , Yes the Goldenrod is still moored 3 miles North of Kampsville.I can't go into details at this time about the situation with the land owners other then to say. They have been very cooperative with our efforts and that is greatly appreciated. When I'm given the ok i will post more about this at a later date when details are allowed to go public. I just hope more people will get behind the effort to save this boat. Time is our enemy and if we aren't successful in our efforts the Goldenrod will be gone and that would be a shame. So i urge everyone to spread the word and help us save the Historic Legendary Goldenrod. Sorry i can't say more at this point in time but i do not want to jeopardize what we have worked so hard to achieve to this point

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