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Judy Patsch 08-12-2014 01:33 PM

Affordable overnight riverboat cruises
When on both my TWILIGHT and SPIRIT OF PEORIA trips this summer, I asked people how they found out about the boats and their cruises. Several replied that they googled for overnight riverboat cruises, so I am putting this thread on in hopes that it might lead interested people to these family-owned enterprises. Those regulars here on .org know I am not financially affiliated with either boat (other than paying for my trips on them). I am doing this merely to increase their exposure to the traveling public and to keep riverboating alive and well...

The TWILIGHT runs 2 day trips on the Upper Mississippi River, between LeClaire and Dubuque Iowa. The overnight stay is at the Grand Harbor Hotel, which is adjacent to the docking area. For further information see: [url=]Mississippi River Cruise - 1 & 2 Day Overnight Mississippi River Cruises on the Riverboat Twilight[/url].

The SPIRIT of PEORIA runs 2 and 3 day trips to Starved Rock State Park from Peoria, with the overnight at the Starved Rock Lodge. This trip covers the Upper Illinois River. The SoP also does extended trips to St.Louis and Hannibal, which take in the lower Illinois and a section of the Upper Mississippi. For further information see: [url=]Mississippi River Cruises, Illinois River Cruises, Paddleboat Cruises, Paddlewheeler :: The Spirit of Peoria[/url]

Both boats are diesel powered, are owned by their Captain and his family, and provide passengers with the utmost of personal care, fine food, entertainment and fellowship, and marvelous river scenery. You can't go wrong with either - or you could do both, a nice option if you travel a great distance for the trip. Peoria and LeClaire are just 98 miles apart on I-74/80.

Please see my previous threads on this site recounting with pictures my trips this summer on each of these boats.

Marcus J. Lynn 08-12-2014 04:59 PM

Belle of Cincinnati Overnight Cruise
All the cruises Judy mentioned would be fantastic! But there is going to be a special occasion where the Belle of Cincinnati will have her own overnight cruise on the Ohio, October 12-14, 2014. She is going from Cincy to Louisville. The Belle may do another one on another season, but for 2014, this is it. On day 1, the Belle will go from Cincy to Vevay, and it will take a port stop in Rabbit Hash. Everyone will stay at the Belterra Casino and Resort. Day Two is Vevay to Louisville, with port stop in Madison. Then guests will stay at the Galt House- lovely hotel, by the way. On the third day you will tour Louisville. I hope the BoC does more special things like this, frankly. I hope they fill that boat! The prices range from $495 to $595. Here's the link: [url=]BB Riverboats: Cincinnati to Louisville, KY[/url]
(For anyone looking for more options)

Judy Patsch 08-12-2014 07:05 PM

Season long scheduled overnight cruises
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Yes, the BoC has done some other extended trips over the years, as has the CELEBRATION BELLE here in Moline. I was highlighting the two boats that provide these trips throughout the cruising season on a regular basis. It is good to check the various excursion boat sites for special trips, but for anyone looking for something with many choices of dates, the TWILIGHT and the SPIRIT OF PEORIA are the regularly scheduled vessels. Both start their seasons in May and end in October. The SoP also runs harbor and dinner cruises, while the TWILIGHT specializes in the 2 day and an occasional single day roundtrip out of Dubuque.
I neglected to post a picture of each in my first message, so here are the TWILGHT and SPIRIT OF PEORIA:

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